Eligible Borrowers

Contractors duly licensed by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation  Board (PCAB) under the following classification and categories:

  1. General Engineering Construction
  2. General Building Construction
  3. Specialized Construction


Eligibility Criteria


Eligible borrowers must comply with the Risk Asset Acceptance Criteria (RAAC) per Credit Policy Issuance No. 2013-002, set for each type of borrower as follows:





No adverse findings on the borrower

No adverse findings on the principals


With well-defined source of payment

Track record of at least three (3) years profitable operations

Debt service cover of at least 1.0x


Positive/favourable outlook of the industry


Meets applicable debt-equity ratio per LANDBANK current issuances/policies


Credit Facilities Available

  • Short Term Facilities
    • Short Term Loan Line
    • Letter of Credit/Trust Receipt
    • Standby Letter of Credit
    • Domestic Bills Purchase Line
  • Term Loan

Eligible Projects

    • Contractors’ business expansion projects
      • Construction of own office building
      • Renovation of business premises
      • Purchase of construction equipment/machineries
    • Fulfilment of obligations in awarded multi-year projects (i.e. BOT)
    • Contractor’s funding requirements in fulfilling obligations in awarded contract/s, which may cover the following:

a)      Housing/Education/Real Estate Development:

  • Any system of housing that contains multiple separate domiciles within a certain area.
    • Apartments
    • Tenements
    • Subdivision Development
    • Mass Housing
    • Condominiums
    • Commercial Buildings
    • School Buildings

b)      Mass Housing Projects in connection to rehabilitation undertakings for calamity stricken regions

c)       Transport infrastructure

  • Road and highway networks, including structures:
    • Bridges
    • Tunnels
    • Fly-overs
    • Retaining walls
    • Edge treatments
      • Curbs
      • Sidewalks
      • Landscaping
      • And other facilities i.e. road works/maintenance
  • Mass transit systems networks/structures
    • Commuter rail ways systems for
      • Trains / tramways
      • Bus terminals
    • Terminals
    • Rail yards
    • Railway stations
    • Level crossings
    • Railroads
    • And other construction projects pertaining to railways
    • Terminals
    • Tarmac
    • And other airport facilities
    • Over-pass
    • Waiting Sheds
    • Underpasses
    • Walkways
    • Specialized structures for cyclists and physically challenged
    • And other projects pertaining to commuters
  • Railways structures & facilities including:
  • Airports
  • Commuter/Pedestrian Facilities

d)      Water management infrastructure

  • Facilities for drinking water supply
    • Including the system of pipes
    • Storage reservoirs
    • Pumps, valves, filtration and treatment equipment and meters
    • Buildings and structures to house the equipment, used for the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water
  • Sewage collection and disposal of waste water
  • Sewage/Septage treatment plants
  • Drainage systems
    • Storm
    • Sewers
    • Ditches, etc.
  • Major irrigation systems
    • Reservoirs
    • Irrigation pipes/structures
    • Dams/impounding structure
    • Canals, etc.
    • Dams
    • Dikes
    • Levees
    • Pumps & major pumping stations
    • Floodgates
  • Major flood control systems
  • Coastal management, including structures  like seawalls, breakwaters
    • Treatment Facilities
    • Impounding structures
    • Levees, tubes, ducts and channels
    • Construction of communal faucets
    • Construction of facilities for district metering zones
    • Construction of leak detection & control system facilities
    • Rehabilitation of pipes & fittings
    • Expansion/rehabilitation of distribution lines and source development
  • Facilities/Plants for Water Sanitation
  • Waste Water Management Projects which include:
  • Potable Water Projects and Facilities

e)      Communications infrastructure

  • Postal Buildings/facilities
  • Telephone networks buildings/facilities
  • Television, cable, radio and communications satellites transmission stations

f)       Solid waste management infrastructure

  • Municipal garbage and recyclables collection station
  • Solid waste landfills
  • Solid waste incinerators, biomass gasification system and other facilities of the like
  • Materials recovery facilities
  • Hazardous waste disposal facilities

g)      Power/Energy/Renewable Energy Supply & Management Projects

  • Bio-Mass Facilities
  • Hydroelectric Facilities
  • Geothermal Plants / Research & Testing Facilities
  • Solar Power Plants / Facilities
  • Wind Power Plants
  • Coal Energy Plants / Facilities
  • Diesel & Fuel Plants & Facilities
  • Natural Gas Plants / Facilities


Any or combination of the following:

  • Real Estate Mortgage
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Assignment of Contract Receivables
  • Assignment of Deposits with Hold-out
  • Assignment of Investments and Other Money Market Placements
  • Guarantees
  • Any other collateral acceptable to LANDBANK
  • Post-dated checks

Loanable Amount

For Awarded Contracts: 

  • 80% of the validated “Awarded Contract” amount

For Business Expansion Purposes 

  • 60% of the appraised value of the collateral

Mode of Release

For Term Loan: 

  • Releases shall be done in tranches, based on the percentage of project completion as validated by the authorized LANDBANK representative.

Interest Rate

Based on standard Loan Pricing per CPI 2014-001

Fees and Charges

Based on standard fees and charges of the bank

Documentary Requirements

  1. Copy of Registration with SEC or other registering agencies
  2. Certified true copy of articles of Incorporation and by-laws
  3. Bio-data of applicant/key officers
  4. List of stockholders and their stockholdings
  5. General Information Sheet
  6. Current PCAB Certificate/License
  7. List of completed and on-going projects including the amount, status
  8. Business Permits
  9. BIR-filed Financial Statements (last three years)
  10. Latest Interim Financial Statement
  11. Copies of collateral documents
  12. Board Resolution / Secretary’s bearing Official Signatories and allowing transaction with LANDBANK
  13. Copy of awarded contracts
  14. Other necessary documents that may be required depending on the project, like:

           A. In Construction:

a)      Plans and Specification

b)      Detailed Cost Estimates

c)       Project’s Time Schedule / PERI-CPM / S-Curve

d)      EEC / Permits

e)      Feasibility Study / Detailed Project Description

            B. In Machineries / Equipment:

a)      Specifications & Drawings

b)      Certifications that parts are available locally