Cash Deposit Machine

The CDM was conceptualized to'expand'the existing banking services, aimed to further improve and automate the manual, Over-The-Counter (OTC) process by providing an Automated Teller .Machine (ATM)'''capable to accept cash deposit transaction, driven by the following considerations:
  1. Operational Efficiency;
  2. Convenience Banking/CustomerService Satisfaction;
  3. Risk Mitigation;
  4. Corporate Image Enhancement; and
  5. Cost Savings
The implementation of CDM aims to:
  1. Expedite peso cash deposit transactions as customers will no longer be joining the queue for OTC transactions, thereby, providing a fast and convenient banking experience;
  2. Improve customer service by having more time servicing other customers with non-cash deposit transactions;
  3. Eliminate the risk of accepting fraudulent peso currencies;
  4. Enhance corporate image by being the first government bank to provide an automated channel for cash deposit transactions; and
  5. Serve as alternative channel for other banking transactions that will be covered in its future upgrades.
The CDM is a lobby-type machine with self-service real-time cash deposit functionality that is capable of performing the following:
  • Accepts card-based and card-less cash deposit transactions for ATM accounts
  • Counts and sorts bills/notes
  • Verifies authenticity/detects counterfeit bills/notes
  • Issues confirmation receipt for transactions
  • Generates Electronic Journal for recording and balancing of transactions
  • Provides facility for "Balance Inquiry"
Depositallows the customer to make cash deposits to a LANDBANK peso deposit account with ATM access
Balance Inquiryprovides information on the ATM account's outstanding balance as of the last transaction date and the withdrawable balance on a real-time basis
CDM deployed, initially, at the following LBP Branches:
  • LBP Plaza - Cash Department
  • Camp Crame Branch
  • Commission on Audit (COA) Branch
  • Intramuros Branch
  • Batasan Branch
  • Fort Bonifacio Branch
  • Bicutan Branch
  • FoodTerminal Inc. (m) Branch
  • Makati BusinessCenter (MBC) Branch
  • PasongTamo Branch
2. Succeeding deployment of CDMat selected LBP Branches shall be based on the implementation plan of the Branch Banking Sector (BBS).
Eligible Accounts  
a. The CDM shall be available for the following LANDBANK peso deposit accounts with ATM Access:1) SavingsAccount 
 2) Current Account 
 3) Interest Bearing Current Account (IBCA)
 4) VISA Debit Card 
b. The CDMshall not accept cash deposit transactions for -1) accounts with the following status:
 • Closed Account 
 • Dormant Account 
 • Frozen Account 
 • Purged Account 
 • Terminated Account 
 2) accounts with the following Product Type:
 • 606 (Branch Rank and File ATM Payroll)
 • 312 (PNPPensioner) 
 • 323 (VISA PNPPensioner) 
 3) accounts with the following tags:
 • 60 - With Special Instructions (e.g., Garnished Account)
 • 66 - With Legal Documents required (e.g., SPA, DTI, etc.)
 • 25 - Escheat 
 4) LBP Officers PayrollAccount (Branch 500 accounts)
Acceptable Mode of Cash Deposit Transactions
a. Card-based transaction - cash deposit transaction that requires the use of the LBP ATM card; or
b. Card-lesstransaction - cash deposit transaction that does not require the use of the LBP ATM Card
Note: The customer shall be required to encode the following to use this option:
  • 16-digit card number,
  • 10-digit account number,' and
  • account type.
The maximum aggregate limit of cash deposit transaction, for both on-us and interbranch, shall be Php200,000 per day per account.  
The CDM can accept up to two hundred (200) pieces of the following acceptable Philippine peso currency notes/bills per deposit transaction:
  • 1000
  • 500
  • 200 (new generation currency/design series)
  • 100