Corporate Environmental Policy

In pursuit of its role as the dominant financial institution in countryside development,LANDBANK shall adhere and actively promote environmental protection and sustainable development by incorporating effective environmental management practices in all its agrarian and banking operations, services and decisions.


  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Management System
  • GHG Accounting
  • Green Procurement
  • Manila Bay Clean-up
  • Adopt-a-watershed

Towards this end, LANDBANK shall


Comply with applicable environmental laws,regulations and covenants that it subscribes to.


Implement effective pollution control and waste management programs, practice conservation of natural resources and conduct appropriate environmental risk assessment and management.


Enjoin its employees to be aware and be actively involved in the implementation of its Environmental Management System (Environmental Management System)

Inform and influence  its stakeholders including its clients,suppliers and business partners to align with the Bank's environmental management programs in their business operations.


Commit to continuously review and improve its environmental programs in response to changing needs and conditions.