EASY Check Plus (Corporate Check Printing System)

The EASY Check Plus, LANDBANK’s Corporate Check Printing System is a stand-alone computer program that effectively manages voluminous check preparation. It has a facility to interface indirectly with Bank customer’s existing Disbursement System to capture check details for issuance or a Data Entry facility encoding the check information.
EASY CHECK PLUS contains a database master file of checks with the following status:
  • Outstanding
  • Negotiated
  • Stale
  • Cancelled
  • On-Hold
Institutional clients can choose two types of checks based on their existing disbursement system:
  • 4 in 1 Check
  • Check with Voucher
Pre-Qualification· ADB of P1M
1. Administratorperson designated by the institutional client to handle the administration and management of the System User Profile of the institutional client
2. Makerperson designated by the institutional client who will encode the check details, upload text files to the system and print checks and reports.
3. Authorizerperson designated by the institutional client that has supervisory level access in the system, which includes check approval, data maintenance, import facility and other supervisory function.
  1. The authorized signatories shall submit original signed copies of the Terms and Conditions of ECP to the servicing LANDBANK Branch.
  2. The system should have 3 authorized users: administrator, maker and authorizer, having their own 6-8 alphanumeric character ID and password.
  3. ECP preparation shall be performed by filling out the mandatory fields on the CCPS through manual data entry or field uploading.
  • Issue date (mm/dd/yy)
  • Account number
  • Payee name (max. 40 character)
  • Amount (in figures)
  • Voucher details (for check voucher)
  1. The ECP prepared by maker shall be displayed in the system for the authorizer to approve printing.
  2. The maker shall print the ECP based on the approved transactions of the authorizer.
  3. Printed ECP shall be routed to authorized signatories for signature.
  4. For customized checks, the clients should submit their official design to LandBank’s Central Clearing Department for clearance/approval.
The client’s personal computer (PC) should have the minimum specifications:
  • Pentium IV or higher processor
  • 128MB or higher RAM
  • 64 MB of video memory
  • 40GB of Hard Disk
  • CD/RW Rom Drive
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework
  • Pro-forma Checks
  1. Automated printing of checks
  2. File upload facility for Text and Excel files (check details)
  3. File import for negotiated checks and auto tagging of state and negotiated checks
  4. Managing of payees and checks master file
  5. 3-Level security access
System FunctionalitiesDescription
System Parameter MaintenanceBasis of the system in the printing of check details and will be applied to all accounts enrolled in the system
User Profile MaintenanceDefines the user profile: administrator, maker and authorizer
Signatory Profile MaintenanceAllows the administrator to add, modify or delete signatory profile
Company Profile MaintenanceUsed by authorizer to enrol number in CCPS
Payee Profile MaintenancePayee database that maintains payee’s address and TIN. It gives the user the option to add payee.
Password MaintenanceOption to change password 
Check PreparationUsed to prepare checks using manual data entry
  • Data Entry
Used to upload data from other system provided that the required file format and file name convention should be met
  • File Upload

CHKDTLMMDDYY.TXT for Text File and CHKDTLMMDDYY.XLS for Excel file

MM = Month

DD = Date

YY = Year

Note: The issue date of checks in the file should not be earlier than the Current system date otherwise it will be rejected

Approve ChecksAllows user to approve checks and set signatories before actual printing of checks
Print ChecksPrint approved checks 
Check InquiryUsed to view check’s record like account number, record status, payee name, check status, check number range and issue date range
Check MaintenanceUsed to edit and delete check records: for approval, approved or issued
Report GenerationUsed to generate check related reports and audit trail
Audit Trail ReportContains activities done by users of the CCPS
ECP UtilitiesUsed to import text files downloaded from the weAccess system. The text file contains negotiated checks extracted from the deposit system
Back-upUsed to create a copy of the CCPS database file to a specific directory in the hard drive
RestoreUsed to restore the CCPS back-up file selectively. This is useful during system breakdown.
PurgeUsed to delete one year old negotiated checks and audit trail records.