Gawad e-Dukasyon Program


About the Program

The LANDBANK Gawad e-Dukasyon Program, in partnership with the Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc., is a proactive support for public education in the Philippines, with the end view of educating students on agriculture and fisheries at a young age. As an institution mandated to spur countryside development, the Bank envisioned this Program to address the general decline of interest in agriculture and agriculture-related studies.

The Educational Video Series, aptly entitled “AgriCOOLture,” offers a unique and fresh approach in introducing agriculture to middle school students in Grades 8-12. This will encourage them to study agriculture-related courses in college, helping them realize that there is a promising career in agri-business, and big opportunities for them as agriculturists and agripreneurs. More importantly, this may help students realize that they can contribute to the growth and modernization of the agriculture sector in the Philippines in the near future.

These educational videos are aired through Knowledge Channel, and to date have attained the following:


The AgriCOOLture series has since helped high school students understand the relevant concept on agriculture in the past two (2) seasons, and will continue further in the upcoming 3rd season which is currently in production.

AgriCOOLture Season 1

Launched in 2014, the first season was able to develop 3 episodes for Technology Livelihood Education (TLE) for Grade 8 students on the following topics:

AgriCOOLture Season 2

The second season was launched in 2016 catering to Grade 9-12 students.  With 6 episodes produced, this season focused on the following topics on agriculture and agripreneurship:

AgriCOOLture Season 3

The 3rd season is currently on production with a target release in 2019. For this season, the episodes will feature topics with livelihood takeaways which students may apply within their communities as livelihood practices.



On top of the video materials, the Program also developed inter-active computer-based e-learning modules to complement the episodes. These include session guide or lesson plans for teachers to test the impact of the episodes in the attitudes of the students towards agriculture.

So much so that the TV series has been endorsed by the Bureau of Curriculum Development (BCD) of the Department of  Education (DepEd) for being aligned with the curriculum for the Agri-Fishery Arts track.


You can watch the AgriCOOLture episodes for free by subscribing to Knowledge Channel’s official Youtube account at