Institutional Trust Services

1. Escrow Agency
LANDBANK Trust Banking Group as an Escrow Agent acts as third and impartial party to intervene or to hold in escrow contracts involving money, securities, property titles or documents in order to secure faithful compliance by either or both parties with the terms of the contract.
• Buy and Sell Escrow
• BIR Capital Gains Tax
• POEA Escrow
• DENR Escrow
2. Employee Retirement Plan (ERP)
LANDBANK Trust Banking Group is appointed by the employer to manage and administer the employee retirement fund of the company for the purpose of providing retirement package/benefits for its loyal employees as mandated by R.A. 7641 and R.A. 4917.
3. Mortgage Trust Indenture (MTI)
LANDBANK-Trust Banking Group holds a pool of properties, real estate and/or chattel mortgage in behalf of creditors. Mortgage Participation Certificates are issued to represent the proportionate share of creditors on the collateral pool.
4. Facility and Loan/Paying Agency
The LANDBANK-Trust Banking Group acts as intermediary between the Borrower/Issuer and a syndicate of Lenders/Noteholders in accordance to the Loan/Notes facility. The Facility Agent is appointed as such to centralize the monitoring and the administration of the Notes Facility, ensuring that payments due under the Notes are settled promptly, reports are submitted as stipulated in the Agreement and to a certain extent, ensures that terms and conditions of the Agreement are faithfully complied by all parties.
LANDBANK – Trust Banking Group may be engaged as Paying Agent to ensure disbursement of periodic interest to creditors/lenders
5. Asset-Backed Securitization/Special Purpose Trust
A special purpose trust is an arrangement available in asset-backed securitization wherein the institution converts or sells its illiquid assets or cash flow to provide financial flexibility.
Asset backed securities are created from the pooling of identified assets and then sold to interested investors on a discounted basis. The Sellers/Originators of the asset backed securities benefits from the sale because they acquire additional funding, lower financing costs and tap secondary market for these instruments.
The Special Purpose Trustee issues securities to the investors from the cash flows of the assets and distribute the collections to the investors up to the maturity of the issued securities.
DISCLAIMER: LANDBANK-Trust Banking Group products and services are trust investments. They are not deposits and are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to the nature of investment, yields and potential yield cannot be guaranteed. Historical yields are purely for reference purposes and do not guarantee similar future results.
Any income and loss arising from market fluctuations and price volatility of the securities held by the UITF, even if invested in government securities, is for the account of the Trustor/Investor. The units of participation in the fund, when redeemed, may be worth more or be worth less than the initial investment/contributions of the Trustor/Investor.
LBP-TBG, as trustee is not liable for losses unless upon willful default, fraud, bad faith or gross negligence. Trustor/Investor must read the complete details of the fund in the Plan Rules, make his/her own risk assessment, and when necessary, he/she must seek independent/professional opinion before making an investment.