About LANDBANK Trust Banking Group (LBP-TBG)








The Land Bank of the Philippines – Trust Banking Group (LANDBANK – TBG) has been in the trust services business since 18 February 1975. With its operations anchored on the Bank’s social mandate of promoting countryside development, it works to provide reliable support services in financial transactions towards capital formation and development of individual and institutional clients alike. Equipped with its experience and expertise, balanced with prudence, diligence and top management support, the LANDBANK-TBG continues to provide effective portfolio management and prompt delivery of services. 

With LANDBANK Trust Banking Group by your side, expect your money to find growth, marketability, liquidity, and diversification as its dedicated team of Fund Managers and Analysts help you make the right investment decisions. Gain hassle free access to fixed income and stock market, and carefully plan and customize your investment with us for optimized results that you deserve.