LBP CaReS (Calamity Rehabilitation Support Program)

Salient Features

Calamity Rehabilitation Support (CARES) Program


Home Buyers





A rehabilitation assistance program available to existing and new customers for them to recover from the destruction brought about by calamities


Within one year from the occurrence of calamity


Loan Restructuring

Loan Tenor

  • Short Term: tenor may be extended up to maximum of 3 years, inclusive of 1 year grace period on principal


  • Term Loan: tenor can be extended for additional 3 years over the remaining term of loan at the time of calamity, with maximum grace period of 3 years on principal payment


Rehabilitation Credit

Loan Purpose

  • Repair of existing facilities or equipment


  • Construction or acquisition of new facilities or equipment
  • Repair of existing housing units or construction or purchase of new ones
  • Repair of existing facilities, purchase or acquisition of new ones


  • Working capital
  • Livelihood: augment credit fund for on-lending to SFFs/MSMEs


  • Home Lending: Repair of existing housing units, purchase or construction of new house
  • Augment capital for on-lending to SFFs, MSMEs and other type of borrowers

Amount of Loan

Actual need or up to 85% of project cost, whichever is lower but should be within LGUs’ net borrowing capacity

Lowest of the ff:

  • Borrowing capacity
  • Amount applied


  • Appraised value
  • Exiting client: up to 90% of project cost


  • New client: up to 80% of project cost
  • Livelihood: working capital requirement of sub-borrower; rediscounting rate up to 85% of PN


  • Home Lending: not to exceed P400,000 per borrower
  • Working capital requirement of sub-borrower


  • Rediscounting rate up to 85% of PN in current status


Term of Loan

  • Repair: maximum of 10 years


  • Construction or acquisition: max. of 15 years
  • Repair: maximum of 10 years


  • Construction or purchase: max. of 20 years
  • Repair/acquisition: up to 10 years


  • Working capital:  up to 5 years
  •  Livelihood: max of 1 year for short term; max of 5 yrs for Term Loan


  • Home Lending: up to 5 yrs (<P150k); up to 7 yrs (>P150k)
  • Short term: 1 yr


  • Term Loan – up to 3 years

Mode of Payment

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis


Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis

  • Livelihood: quarterly, semi-annual or annual


  • Home Lending: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis

Quarterly, semi-annual or annual 

Contact Person/ Number



Mr. Gene David/2331 and Ms. Marilyn Orense/2676