LANDBANK Express Access Machine

LANDBANK as an Authorized Agent Bank (MB) accepts and remits payments/collections (i.e for taxes, contributions, fees, tariffs, etc.) for various government agencies like the Bureau of Internal Revenue(BIR) and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC).
To further enhance customer satisfaction and convenience and to encourage timely payment, the Bank implemented the LEAM as a dedicated alternative service delivery channel that provides a faster and more cost effective solution in accepting government payment transactions, virtually eliminating the traditional over-the counter mode of payment.
The implementation of the LEAM aims to:
  1. maintain the Bank's commitment of continuous collection service for government agencies by providing e-payment facilities
  2. manage lobby traffic by shifting teller's bills payment transactions to the epayment machine
  3. expand and expedite payment transactions through simplified service procedures
  4. increase client convenienceand improve customer satisfaction
  5. sustain existing accounts and strengthen business relationships with Bank clients
  6. put the Bank at par with other banks in terms of e-banking facilities thereby enhancing corporate image
The LEAM is a touch-screen financial kiosk machine designed to accept payments/collections for national government agencies and accredited merchants, through the use of a drop box or envelope chute. It is capable of the following:
  • accepts cash/coins or check payments
  • displays confirmation screen with payment details (i.e., a summary of all data entries made by the client)
  • generates a printed payment receipt at the end of each transaction
  • accepts additional merchants (i.e., government agencies) thru open architecture design