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Lending Program for Economic Zone Developers

Loan Package, in partnership with PEZA, to finance the development of Economic Zones to encourage growth, promote exports, create employment and encourage foreign direct investments.

Site developers of Economic Zones:
• Private Entities
• Local Government Units


To finance Economic Zone Site Development


Common Requirements:
• Duly filled out Loan Application Form
• Feasibility Study of the proposed eco-zone
• Project description with information on the financial capability of the proponent, present and proposed land uses, master development plan and schedule for the proposed economic zone
• Site development plan and vicinity map reflecting various land uses and important verifiable landmarks within one (1) kilometer radius of the project site
• Proof of land ownership or any perfected contract/document confirming the applicant’s authority to use the land for economic zone development
• Endorsement of the Sangguniang Bayan/Panlungsod for the development of the proposed economic zone
• Verified Survey Returns and Separate Narrative Technical Description of the proposed economic zone area
• Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) issued by the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR)
• Certification from NWRB or the local water provider that the identified source(s) of water for the economic zone shall not cause water supply and related problems in adjacent communities
• Proof of payment of registration fee to PEZA
• Other regularity permits/clearances as applicable
• PEZA approved documents on the proposed ecozone development

Additional Requirements for Specific Ecozone Types:

• Tourism Ecozones:
   - Endorsement of the LGU Council for Sustainable Development
   - Endorsement of the Department of Tourism
   - Endorsement of the National Ecotourism Steering Committee for Ecotourism Projects
• Medical Tourism Park/Center Ecozones:
   - For Medical Tourism Center: Endorsement from the Department of Health (DOH)
   - For Medical Tourism Park: Endorsement from the DOH and the Department of Tourism (DOT)
• Retirement Park/Center Ecozones:
   - Endorsement of the Philippine Retirement Authority
• Agro-Industrial Ecozones:
   - Endorsement from the Department of Agriculture (DA) for project/s engaged in specialized manufacturing activity of agricultural crops and eventual commercial processing resulting in the production of clean energy such as bio-fuels and the like activities

Additional Requirements for Private Entities:
• SEC Registration Certificate and Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (including latest GIS)
• Audited Financial Statements during the last three (3) years of operation
• Board Resolution/Special Power of Attorney/Secretary’s Certificate designating the company’s authorized representative to secure loan from LANDBANK
• Board Resolution/Special Power of Attorney/Secretary’s Certificate designating the company’s authorized representative to PEZA

Additional Requirements for LGUs:
• City/Municipal Ordinance regarding LGU authority to borrow
• Names of public and key officials
• Schedule of LGU’s Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) in the past two years
• Budget for the current year
• Ordinance approving Local Development Plan and Public Investment Program
• BLGF Certificate of Net Borrowing Capacity
• Monetary Board Opinion
• Other documents, permits and licenses as may be required by LANDBANK



1. For Private Entities:
• Based on the projected cash flow of the proposed project/borrower but should not exceed the repayment capacity of the borrower
2. For LGUs:
• Based on the LGU’s Net Borrowing Capacity


1. For Short Term Loan/Line:
• One (1) year
2. For Term Loan:
• Maximum of ten (10) years inclusive of grace period of up to three (3) years on principal


Prevailing interest rate


1. For Short Term Loan/Line:
• Up to maximum of 180-day PNs but should not exceed the remaining number of days prior to line expiration
2. For Term Loan:
• Payable in equal Monthly or Quarterly amortization (Principal + Interest)


• Any or combination of the following to provide 100% collateral cover based on the collateral’s loan value:
   1. Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
   2. Chattel Mortgage (CM)
   3. Hold-out on Deposits, Government Securities, Government-issued Bonds
   4. Assignment of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) for LGUs
• Credit/Security Enhancers:
   1. Issuance of post-dated check (PDC)
   2. Assignment of Insurance, Surety, and/or Guarantee Cover
   3. Assignment of Lease Rights
   4. Joint and Several Signatures (JSS) of principal or key officers/co-maker for private entities
   5. Contractor’s All Risk Insurance

Brochure of Lending Program for Economic Zone Developers

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