Microfinance Program for Microfinance Institution-Retailers


Provides credit assistance to Barangay Micro Business Enterprises and the poor sector through eligible MFIs.

Eligible Borrowers

  • Cooperatives.
  • Microfinance oriented banks.
  • Non-government organizations.

Available Credit Facility

Short-Term Loan

  • Working Capital
  • Rediscounting 

Term Loan - available for:

  • Working Capital
  • Rediscounting

Loan Tenor

For Short Term Loan  - Maximum of one year available via up to 360  Promissory Notes.

Term Loan – Up to five (5) years,  payable quarterly.

Acceptable Collaterals

Any or a combination of the following:

For Short-term loan

  • Post Dated Checks (PDCs)
  • Assignment of sub-PNs, including sub-borrowers’ underlying collaterals, and guarantee cover, if any.

For Term Loan

  • Real Estate Mortgage.
  • Chattel Mortgage on machinery & equipment.
  • Hold-out on deposit.
  • Continuing assignment of receivables.