Masustansyang Inumin para sa Likas na Kalusugan (MILK) Program


The MILK program is aimed at further improving the local milk production, save precious dollars from imported milk and nourish the well-being of every Filipino.


  • Nationwide

Eligible Borrowers

  • Cooperatives/Associations
  • Federations
  • Countryside Financial Institution
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Agri-Business Entities

Basic Lending Terms and Conditions

Loan Purpose

Short-Term Loan

Term Loan


(i.e. feeds, etc.)

Working capital, relending


Permanent working capital, fixed assets and livestock acquisition



Loan Tenure

Short-Term Loan

Term Loan

  One year

 One year

For fixed assets acquisition, based on cash flow and economic useful life of the equipment


For permanent working capital, 3 years.


Interest Rate

The Program shall adopt the regular pricing structure of each identified client sector.

Mode of Payment

Quarterly, semestral, depending on the project cash flows.


Maximum Loanable Amount

Up to 80 percent of total project cost.

Collateral Requirement

Any of the following:

  • Assignment of Agricultural Guarantee Fund Pool (AGFP) and/or insurance coverage
  • Assignment of CFI promissory note, plus underlying collaterals;
  • Real Estate Mortgage
  • Chattel Mortgage