Emmanuel F. Piñol

Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol belongs to a family of farmers whose grandparents migrated to Mindanao from Iloilo shortly after World War II and settled in M’lang, North Cotabato.

Educated in public schools, Manny was the class valedictorian both in elementary grade and high school. He went to seven colleges and universities, including a brief stay in a Catholic seminary, before finally dropping out to pursue a career in print and broadcast journalism.

Manny was elected Mayor of his hometown, M’lang, as a substitute to his ailing father, Bernardo Sr., in 1995 and three years later, he became governor of North Cotabato.

For nine years, Manny advocated a market-oriented agriculture and job-generating governance which pulled out North Cotabato from the ranks of the 10 Poorest Provinces in the Philippines, reducing the poverty incidence from 52% to only 29% when his term ended in 2007.

During his term as governor, Manny decided to finish his college degree under the Expanded Tertiary Equivalency Accreditation Program (ETEAP).  He proceeded to earn a Master’s degree in Rural Economic Development from the University of Southern Mindanao and is now pursuing a doctorate degree.

Board of Directors
Position / Sector: 
Secretary - Department of Agriculture