Request for Information (For Suppliers)

A list of LANDBANK projects that require further information from potential service providers.


LANDBANK is inviting interested vendors to participate in the budget discovery/exploratory of the LANDBANK’s Procurement System Project.

The Bank requires a software solution that will leverage digital transformation tools such as automation, artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis in optimizing procurement and supplies inventory management processes. It will cover the end-to-end procurement process from planning, requisitioning, sourcing, purchasing, delivery, supplier management, contract management and invoice payment, as well as supplies inventory management.  

For interested vendors, please email or call: 

Ronaldo E. Buenaventura

Mary Ann T. Amper 

Vashti V. Mabagos 

SoftPOS/Tap on Phone Solution

LANDBANK is inviting interested solution providers to participate in the budget discovery/exploratory of the LANDBANK’s SoftPOS.  

The Bank requires a cost-effective contactless payment acceptance solution directly on a mobile phone without the need for any additional software. The solution provider must be capable of accommodating the “Tap on Phone” for Mastercard and “Tap to Phone” for VISA thus, it must be certified. The payment acceptance solution shall also be compliant with the following requirements:  

Description Remarks
A. Technical Specifications

Applicable Standards

PCI CPOC, plus the scheme’s requirements for PIN support

CVM Limit



Listed as certified solution providers by VISA and Mastercard

Implementation Options

White Label (stand-alone and app-to-app/app-in-app) and SDK

Value-Added Services

QR, payment links, mPOS, Digital Receipts and Charge-Slips, Digital Onboarding, eKYC, Loyalty Acceptance, Inventory Solutions, Data Mining, etc.

Scope of Supply

Frontend mobile application and backend systems developed and certified with VISA and Mastercard by the SoftPOS provider.


EMV L2 Functional Testing completed with VISA and Mastercard

B. Other Requirements
Generation of Reports
Regulatory Compliance
System Enhancements

The deadline for the submission of intention/information is on May 18, 2022. 

For interested vendors, please email or call: 

Caroline D. Marqueses

Joanne A. Ocampo

Marissa B. Pineda