Step-up Loan Program


The program offers a short-term loan for working capital to eligible Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) which have established satisfactory credit relationship with the bank.

Eligible Borrowers

  • Cooperatives (Co-ops)
  • Rural Banks, Cooperative Banks & Thrift Banks (RBs/CBs/TBs)
  • Financing Companies (FCs); and
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGO) with legal personality to borrow.

Basic Lending Policies

Available Credit Facility

Short Term Loan Line.


Working capital to augment the PFIs funds for lending activities to SFFs, SMEs, agri-business entities and micro-entrepreneurs.


Up to a maximum of  two (2) years Promissory Notes (PN).

Interest Rate

Prevailing LBP rate at the time of availment.

Repayment Term

Principal  - payable upon maturity of the PN.

Interest - payable monthly, or quarterly, or semi-annual  in arrears or upon maturity of PN.


  • Assignment of Receivables plus underlying collaterals, if any
  • Assignment of proceeds of guarantee claims from Agricultural Guarantee Pool, Credit Surety Fund and insurance claims from Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, if any