Succession Policy

LANDBANK ensures the readiness of successors for critical positions in the Bank for the continuity of its business operations through succession planning. The HRMG, in collaboration with incumbents, conducts the Succession Planning following these processes: (a) identification of key positions in the organization; (b) determination of appropriate qualification and competency standards for these positions; (c) assessment of possible successors against the standards; (d) mapping of candidates in the succession pool; and (e) design and implementation of development programs to ensure and continuously monitor the readiness of potential successors to assume the functions and responsibilities of the position. Another vital program to ensure the availability of a highly trained and qualified management pool, the Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP), the Bank’s premier training program for its high potentials and high performers, is continuously being conducted. The LANDBANK has established four MLDP tracks: (a) Management Training Program (MTP) for first line Supervisors; (b) Branch Officers Development Program (BODP) for future Branch Managers; (c) Lending Officers Development Program (LODP) to harness our Account Officers in the lending operations; and (d) Leadership Development Program (LDP) for current Heads of Units to strengthen and reinforce management skills in building high performing teams.