Support for Strategic Local Development Investment Project (S2LDIP)


Re-lending program for Local Government Units (LGUs); Public Utilities and Private Operators providing local infrastructure services (in partnership with the LGU).

Eligible Borrowers




Loan Purpose

  • Construction, upgrading and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure facilities.
  • Revenue improvement and enhancement program for LGUs, including fiscal and management improvement to ensure financial stability.
  • Procurement of equipment in support of the LGUs’ infrastructure services.
  • Sub-project preparation, e.g. feasibility study, assessment studies to support feasibility study.

Amount of Loan

  • Based on the requirement of the project but shall not exceed net borrowing capacity.

Term of Loan

  • Maximum of 15 years with two years grace period on principal.

Loan Security

  • Assignment of the 20% of the LGU’s IRA
  • Real Estate Mortgage
  • Chattel Mortgage

Contact Person/ Number

Mr. Enrico Samaniego / 522-0000 local 2785


The program is undergoing restructuring to focus on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure projects of LGUs affected by Typhoon Yolanda and Bohol earthquake