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Unit Investment Trust Fund

Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is an open-ended pooled trust fund that is invested collectively in a diversified portfolio approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It is an affordable and the best vehicle to participate in the financial markets. UITF offers a simple, more convenient, and less time-consuming method of investing in a diversified portfolio.


Investment Management Account

The Investment Management Account is an Agency Arrangement and as such, the principal shall at all times retain legal title to funds under this arrangement. This type of investment management service is available to individuals and corporate accounts with the primary objective of wealth build up or wealth accumulation.


Personal Fund Management Arrangements

A trust agreement between LANDBANK Trust Banking Group and the trustor or grantor during the lifetime of the trustor, with the purpose of providing for the financial need of the trustor and his/her designated beneficiaries.


Institutional Trust Services

LANDBANK Trust Banking Group as an Escrow Agent acts as third and impartial party to intervene or to hold in escrow contracts involving money, securities, property titles or documents in order to secure faithful compliance by either or both parties with the terms of the contract.


Personal Equity & Retirement Account - Unit Investment Trust Fund (PERA-UITF)

The Land Bank of the Philippines is now offering its LANDBANK PERA Bond Fund in the PERA digital platform and will soon offer its other PERA-UITF products. The Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) was established under the Republic Act No. 9505 or otherwise known as the “The Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) Act of 2008”. The PERA is a voluntary retirement account that aims to provide Filipinos a tax-exempt facility to supplement their future pension benefits from SSS/GSIS and their employers. The PERA Contributors will enjoy tax incentives such as an annual income tax credit equivalent to 5% of the total contributions made for the year, exemption from estate taxes, and tax exemption benefits if withdrawals are made at the age of 55 and up (after contributing for at least five years). Investments made through PERA also grow tax-free as these are exempt from withholding tax. For more information, you may call TBG’s Trust Sales and Marketing Team at 8405-7119, 8405-7100, and 8405-7761 or visit the PERA digital platform via https://pera.seedbox.ph.


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