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Investment Management Account

The Investment Management Account is an Agency Arrangement and as such, the principal shall at all times retain legal title to funds under this arrangement. This type of investment management service is available to individuals and corporate accounts with the primary objective of wealth build up or wealth accumulation.

Investment Management Account (IMA)

Under this service, LANDBANK – Trust Banking Group (TBG) acts as a portfolio manager for both individual and institutional clients. In an IMA, clients gain access to different financial markets without the need to transact with different brokers or counterparties. Their funds are prudently managed by LANDBANK’s seasoned traders guided by sound fundamentals and trading policies.  Latest investment research and information prepared by TBG’s dedicated Economist are also made available to clients. IMA arrangements could either be directional, wherein investment decisions for the account remain with the client and instructions are sent to TBG to execute the trade; or discretionary, wherein the TBG is given full authority and discretion to invest the fund based on pre-agreed investment guidelines. Based on a client’s requirements and risk appetite, an IMA may invest in bank deposits, government securities, corporate bonds, equities, pooled funds, and other alternative investments which are prudently assessed and evaluated to balance safety, liquidity, and profitability.


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