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Global $ Fund

LANDBANK Global $ Fund is designed for investors with moderate risk appetite who are looking for a relatively liquid investment with potential higher returns for their US dollar denominated funds. The pooled funds are invested in dollar-denominated fixed income securities (e.g. Republic of the Philippines Sovereign Bonds). Recommended for investors with a medium term investment horizon (3 - 5 years).

Portfolio Mix Diversified portfolio of US dollar-denominated fixed-income securities such as tradable government securities, corporate bonds, and special bank deposits
Initial Investment US$ 1,000.00
Minimum Additional Investment US$ 200.00
Minimum Holding Period 30 days
Trustee Fee 0.50% p.a. based on total market value of assets of the Fund
Penalty per early withdrawals 25% of earnings (net of final w/holding tax and trustee fee), but not less than US$ 10.00
LANDBANK Global $ Fund - Declaration of Trust
LANDBANK Global $ Fund - KIIDS June 2019
LANDBANK Global $ Fund - KIIDS September 2019
LANDBANK Global $ Fund - KIIDS December 2019
LANDBANK Global $ Fund - KIIDS March 2020
LANDBANK Global $ Fund - KIIDS June 2020
LANDBANK Global $ Fund - KIIDS September 2020

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