LANDBANK Visa Credit Card

The LANDBANK Visa Card provides the means for the cardholder to conveniently and safely make cashless purchases from Visa accredited merchants and/or facilitate cash advances.

Understanding the Fees and Charges of your LANDBANK VISA Credit Card



Type of Card

Classic Local

Gold Local

Classic Int'l

Gold Int'l

Annual Membership Fee - Principal
P 850
P 1,100
P 1,500
P 3,000
Annual Membership Fee - Supplementary
P 500
P 500
P 500
P 1,000
Cash Advance Interest
5% of amount withdrawn
Cash Advance Service Fee
P 50 for every transaction
$ 2.00 for every transaction
Card Replacement Fee
P 300 for each card
Returned Check Fee
P 500
Saleslip Retrieval Fee
Peso Slip
P 350
Dollar Slip
$ 8.00
Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate
Assessment fee of 1% plus service fee of  1% of the converted amount will be charged by Visa and LANDBANK, and may be subject to change.
Installment Pre-termination Fee
5% of remaining principal amount or Php 300, whichever is higher



Finance Charge
Late Payment Fee
Peso transactions
2.25% based on minimum amount due
Dollar transactions
2.00% based on minimum amount due
  • Annual Fees shall be charged to the cardholder from the time of issuance of the credit card and every year thereafter.
  • If you settle in full on or before the due date, there is no applicable Finance Charge that will be imposed.
  • If you settle only the minimum amount due or any amount less than the outstanding balance on or before the payment due date, you will be treated as a borrower or "revolver". Hence, a Finance Charge (based on the prevailing interest rate) will be imposed on the unpaid balance stated in your previous statement of account, and on all new transactions posted within the statement period computed from post date until the current statement date.

The Minimum Amount Due is the sum of the following: a) 3% of your outstanding balance (less installment amortization, if any); b) installment amortization; c) overdue amount; d) over-limit amount. You pay the sum of a, b, c & d or P200 for Peso or US$5 for Dollar transactions, whichever is higher.

  • If you settle below the minimum amount due, or any amount after the payment due date, you will be charged with Finance Charge and Late Payment Fee.

You may pay your LANDBANK VISA account either by cash or by check (for Peso billing). To avoid penalty charges, Please make your payments on or before the Payment Due Date. Payments (cash and checks including On-Us Checks) will be posted within 3 to 7 banking days.



  • Classic Local
  • Gold Local
  • Classic International
  • Gold International


  • Wide Acceptability.  Visa is accepted in more than 220 countries and 30 million accredited merchants worldwide.
  • Deferred Payment Plans.  Big ticket items purchased from selected merchants may be paid in installment at prevailing interest rates.
  • Cash Advance.  Up to 30% of credit limit through ATMs bearing the VISA/VISA Plus logo
  • Minimum Payment Option.  Allows the cardholder to pay only P200 and $5 monthly for peso and dollar limit respectively or 3% of total outstanding balance (less installment amortization, if any) plus the sum of the following: installment amortization, overdue amount and over-limit amount, whichever is higher, and defer the rest with corresponding finance charges on the remaining balance.
  • Utility Payment.  Cardholder has the option to enroll for utilities payment (MERALCO and PLDT)
  • Lost Card Hotline.  24-Hour Lost Card Hotline — 840-7499 or toll-free 1-800-10-840-7499
  • Medical Insurance.  Personal insurance coverage against accidental death or dismemberment provided account is in active and current status at time of death or accident
  • Travel Accident Insurance. Travel accident insurance package when the travel ticket is charged in full to the LANDBANK Visa card
  • Wide Network of Payment Centers.  Accessible payment centers available to LANDBANK Visa cardholders:
    • LANDBANK Branches nationwide
    • Banco de Oro Branches nationwide
    • Other Payment Options:
      • LANDBANK Phone Access
      • LANDBANK Internet Access
      • Efficient Service Machine (ESM)
      • ATM Bills Payments


Minimum requirements to apply for the LANDBANK Visa card are:

  • Applicant must be of legal age
  • Applicants must have a stable source of income
  • Must not be included in the report of BAP-Credit Bureau of:
  • Cancelled Credit Cards
    • Mishandled Current Account
    • Adversely Classified Loan
    • Court cases
  • Required annual income
    • Local Classic - P240,000
    • Local Gold - P400,000
    • International Classic - P300,000
    • International Gold - P400,000


  • Duly filled out application form
  • Latest 1x1 ID picture


For Employed applicants

  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Certification of Employment with complete breakdown of salaries and remunerations
  • Latest Pay slip
  • Any valid ID
  • Co-obligor (for those renting)
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or I-Card (for resident aliens)

For Businessmen/Self-Employed applicants

  • Registration papers with Department of Trade and Industry or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Latest Audited Financial Statements and ITR
  • Co-obligor (for those renting)
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or I-Card (for resident aliens)

For Corporate Card applicants

  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with related Certificate of Registration issued by SEC
  • Audited Financial Statements and ITR for the last three (3) years
  • Board Resolution or Secretary's Certificate authorizing the following:
    • the application for membership
    • issuance of the LANDBANK Visa Card to such authorized personnel; and
    • the designation of an officer of the company to sign for and in behalf of the company
  • For Government Corporations:
    • Charter or Law creating the government corporation/office/agency; or
    • Executive Order creating the government entity
  • Auto-debit Arrangement



Credit Card Administration Department (CCAD)28th Floor, LANDBANK Plaza1598 M.H. del Pilar corner Dr. Quintos Streets, Malate, Manila

CCAD Customer Service Numbers

(632) 405-7281, 405-7282, 405-7275

24-Hour Customer Care Numbers

(632) 405-7000 Toll free: 1-800-10-405-7000