A web-based facility enabling LANDBANK institutional depositors such as, but not limited to, microbusiness enterprises and government institutions maintaining at least P20,000 Average Deposit Balance (ADB) to benefit from the bills payment tie-ups of LANDBANK. wePayAccess is a scaled-down version of the weAccess Institutional Internet Banking System)
Pre-Qualifications: at least P20,000.00 ADB
  • Regular Savings Account
  • Regular Current Account
  • Interest Bearing Current Account (IBCA) (Peso EASY Checking Account)
  • Verisign digital certificate (website authentication and certification) for https://www.lbpwepayaccess.com
  • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and multiple firewall technology
  • User Log-in Process (user ID and Password)
  • Additional Features:
  1. Automatic log-out of users on idle time of fifteen (15) minutes.
  2. Automatic lock out upon three (3) unsuccessful password tries.
  3. Requires enrollment of:
› Deposit accounts
› Authorized users (maker and authorizer)
› Access rights to functionalities
› Authorization rule (level of authority)
1. Makera person given access to a particular enrolled deposit account/s and initiates the banking transactions in the wePayAccess.
2. Authorizera person given access to a particular enrolled deposit account/s and has the authority to implement (approve, disapprove or hold) the banking transaction initiated by the Maker. All monetary transactions require the approval of the authorizer.
Refers to the transaction limit of authorizers as defined in the enrolment form.
Refers to the permission as to the functionalities/modules given to an authorized user (maker/ authorizer as defined in the enrolment form.
System FunctionalitiesDescription
Loginthe first screen in the wePayAccess website wherein the user is required to key in the user ID and internet password to utilize the features offered
Deposit Account Profile  
  • Account Information
  • Balance Inquiry

displays list/details of balance for each enrolled peso deposit account of the institution

Note: The functionality of viewing foreign currency deposit accounts is currently unavailable.

  • Account Statement

displays the summary of banking activities/financial transactions for each enrolled deposit account belonging to the institution.

it allows downloading of statement of account in five (5) types of format:

1. MS Money/Quicken (QIF)

2. Spreadsheet (CSV)

3. Microsoft Excel Sheet (XLS)

4. XML Data (XML)

5. Swift MT940

  • Account Group
Displays the enrolled deposit accounts per group as created by the institutional depositor
Fund Management  
  • Bills Payment
Allows the institutional depositor to pay bills to enrolled merchant in the wePayAccess