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BRinging Inclusive Growth in every Household Through National Electrification Support Services Designed to provide credit assistance to build the capacities of the rural power sector.

Entities in the electric power generation, transmission, distribution and supply, such as:
• Electric companies or cooperatives duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
• Duly registered joint venture/consortium of electric cooperatives/companies
• Wholesale Power Aggregator duly registered with and/or licensed by Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)


• Sub-project preparation, e.g. feasibility study
• Construction, upgrading or rehabilitation of power generation/distribution system
   - Expansion and/or upgrading of power line
   - Rehabilitation and capacity upgrade of existing supply system
   - Establishment of Sub-stations
   - Construction of power generation plants
• Acquisition, rehabilitation and upgrading of TRANSCO Sub-Transmission Assets (TRANSCO STA)
• Purchase of capital equipment
• Working Capital Requirement
• Fulfillment of prudential requirements


Pre-Processing Requirements
• Corporate Papers:
   - National Electrification Administration (NEA) or CDA Registration
   - Articles of Cooperation and By-laws
   - Board Resolution to borrow
   - List of authorized signatories and specimen signatures
   - Information Sheet of Board

• Financial Documents:
   - Three-year audited Financial Statement (FS)
   - Latest Interim FS
   - List of existing and past loans
• For projects involving construction:
   - Project plans and specifications
   - Cost estimates
   - Bill of Materials
   - Work program/schedule duly approved by the Board
• For machineries and equipment acquisition:
   - List, description and estimate cost of machineries and equipment based on price quotation
   - Certification from dealer/supplier as to the availability of spare parts in the local market, and other after-sales services

Pre-Release Requirements
• Submission of ERC approval on the following proposed projects/activities
   - Major Electric Capital Project expenditure
   - Major Non-Electric Capital Project
   - ERC approval on Power Supply Contract
• In case the electric cooperative or private utility has an existing loan with NEA, submission of latest Statement of Account from NEA and proof of payment


• Short Term Loan/Line
• Term loan
• Stand-by Letter of Credit


• Short Term Loan/Line - maximum of 360-day Promissory Note (PN)
• Term Loan

Purpopose Tenor
Internal Fund ODA Funds
Feasibility Study Preparation N/A Maximum of 3 years without grace period on principal
Based on the economic useful life of the equipment but not to exceed 10 years
of power
Distribution system
Maximum of 10 years inclusive of maximum of 2 years grace period on principal Maximum of 15 years inclusive of maximum of 2 years grace period on principal
of STAs
Maximum of 10 years inclusive of maximum of 2 years grace period on principal Maximum of 15 years inclusive of maximum of 2 years grace period on principal

• Stand-by Letter of Credit - maximum of 360-day


• Internal fund – 75:25
• ODA/Special Fund - applicable project cost-sharing


•Any of the following:
   - Deed of assignment of receivables
   - Real Estate Mortgage
   - Chattel Mortgage
   - Hold out on deposits, government bonds and securities
   - Other securities acceptable to the Bank

• Security Enhancers
   - Issuance of post-dated check
   - Assignment of insurance, surety and guarantee cover
   - Assignment of contractor’s all risk insurance cover, if applicable

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