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Employee Benefit Trust

Invest in your employees’ future today. Let LANDBANK Trust Banking Group help you build stability for your employees with confidence and ease. Retirement and Provident Funds are economical ways to fund, administer, and provide benefits to your employees.

LANDBANK Trust Banking Group’s Employee Benefit Administration Services provide companies and their employees access to optimum benefits with an investment program specifically designed for your needs.

Let LANDBANK manage and administer your retirement funds to maximize its earnings. Some of the advantages of setting up your employee retirement fund with LANDBANK Trust Banking Group:

  • Availment of possible tax privileges under the law through any of the two accounts with the proper structure and tax qualification*/**
  • Expertise of well-equipped and dedicated Fund Managers and Analysts for sound investment decisions.

Help secure the future that your most valued assets - your employees deserve.

With the Employee Retirement Fund Administration, you can set up and manage your institution’s retirement funds effectively, which will prove beneficial to your employees as well as your company as a whole.

In this set up, the contributions to the fund are shouldered solely by the institution for the benefit of its employees.

LANDBANK Trust Banking Group’s services include:

  • Assistance in the conceptualization of retirement plan rules
  • Formulation of investment guidelines
  • Fund management activities
  • Administration of the institution’s retirement plan
  • Disbursement of retirement benefits to the employees
  • Preparation and submission of relevant reports in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Go the extra mile with your employee benefits by helping them maximize their earning potential.

The Provident Fund Administration gives employees access to a savings and loan credit facility through the establishment of a Provident Fund. The Provident Fund also empowers your people by making them fellow contributors to the fund and by keeping them informed through an acceptable accounting method of their individual financial fund activities, including employer participation.

Contributions are returned to the employee upon separation or retirement.

LANDBANK Trust Banking Group’s Services include:


  • Assistance in the establishment of the Provident Fund
  • Personalized investment program to help meet expectations
  • Maintenance/supervision of employee’s records
  • Generation of financial reports
Employee Benefit Trust - Frequently Asked Questions
Documentary Requirements for Employee Benefit Administration (Government Institution)
Documentary Requirements for Employee Benefit Administration (Private Institution)
Documentary Requirements for Provident Fund Administration (Government Institution)

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