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LANDBANK weAccess is an internet banking facility developed for the Bank's institutional clients, both private corporations and government entities. It allows clients to make selected banking transactions online.

Eligible Clients and Accounts

Any of the following institutional clients with qualified Peso deposit accounts at LANDBANK can enroll in the LANDBANK weAccess facility:

  1. Government-Owned and -Controlled Corporations
  2. National Government Agencies (NGAs)
  3. Local Government Units (LGUs)
  4. Private Corporations
  5. Financial Institutions
  6. Cooperatives
  7. Small and Medium Enterprises
  8. Development Partners
  9. Educational and Health Institutions
  10. Religious and Charitable Organizations
  11. Sole Proprietorship

The following Peso deposit accounts can be enrolled in the LANDBANK weAccess:

  1. Regular Passbook Saving Account
  2. Regular Current Account
  3. Interest Bearing Current Account (PESO EASY Checking Account)
  4. High Yield Savings Account (HYSA) - for viewing only

Documentary Requirements

  1. For enrollment of non-monetary transactions
    • Enrollment Form signed by authorized signatory/ies of the account being enrolled (3 copies)
      • Additional requirements for Advice of Checks Issued and Cancelled (ACIC) File Upload Module
        • Sanggunian Resolution for LGUs
      • Additional requirements for EC NOW – Access-Module (For Rural Banks with NOW Accounts only)
        • Form 1 - EC NOW - Access Set-up
        • Duly Notarized Board Resolution allowing enrollment to EC NOW - Access Module
  2. For enrollment of monetary transactions
  • Enrollment Form (3 copies)
  • Duly Notarized Board Resolution or Secretary's Certificate for institutions with Board of Directors
  • Sanggunian Resolution for LGUs
  • Letter from the Head of Agency/Office for NGAs/Line Agencies

Specimen Signature Card/s of newly designated signatory/ies for the weAccess facility

  1. For Auto Debiting Module, the following shall be executed by the third-party in order to be enrolled in the Auto Debiting module of the LANDBANK weAccess:
  • LANDBANK weAccess Auto Debiting Agreement (4 copies)

If the third-party is an institution, plus any of the following, whichever is applicable:

  • Notarized Board Resolution or Secretary's Certificate, for institutions with Board of Directors
  • Sangguniang Resolution, for LGUs
  • Letter from the Head of Agency/Office, for NGAs

For any of the documentary requirements, the signatory/ies should be the same authorized signatory/ies as specified in the institutional depositor’s documents (i.e. Board Resolution/Secretary’s Certificate/ Specimen Signature Cards) submitted for account opening/maintenance.

In case where the institutional depositor is authorizing different set of signatories from those authorized during account opening, the Board Resolution/Secretary’s Certificate/Sangguniang Resolution/Letter from the Head of Agency shall include a clause that the said documents are an ADDENDUM to the previously submitted documentations and applicable only to weAccess transactions. The new set of signatories will be required to accomplish specimen signature cards.


  1. Any amendments/additions/deletions on the original enrollment shall be supported by the specific page of the amended Enrollment Form and shall form part of the original enrollment.
  2. Third Party Accounts shall serve as destination accounts only, except for Auto Debiting where it can be a source account.
  3. In Auto - Debiting module, information on third party accounts is not accessible.


Pre-Qualifications for Enrollment to Monetary Functionalities, any of the following:

  • ADB Requirement and the corresponding weAccess functionalities:
Institution’s Request for Enrollment Minimum Aggregate ADB weAccess Functionalities Granted
Default access to weAccess No ADB required • Balance Inquiry • Bills Payment • Advice of Checks Issued and Cancelled (ACIC) File Upload • Loan Profile • Viewing Access to Online Collection (ONCOLL) Reports and Other Reports
Default access plus ATM payroll transactions: If number of employees is less than 100 PHP 200,000.00 All available weAccess functionalities
If number of employees is more than 100 PHP 500,000.00
  • Institutional depositor with LANDBANK deposit account(s) whose aggregate outstanding balance is less than the required ADB shall be allowed to enroll in the weAccess provided the account has a 3% Account Relationship Earnings (ARE) or approved by the Head of the LANDBANK Servicing Branch. 
  • In the case of loan clients, enrollment shall be endorsed by the Head of the Lending Center and approved by the Head of the LANDBANK Servicing Branch. 


  • VeriSign digital certificate (website authentication and certification) for https://www.lbpweaccess.com 
  • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and multiple firewall technology 
  • Automatic log-out of users on idle time of fifteen (15) minutes. 
  • User Log-in Process has two (2) - factor authentication and authorization:
    • user ID and Password 
    • virtual Token (vToken) 
  • Additional features:
    • automatic log-out of users on the idle time of fifteen (15) minutes 
    • automatic lock out upon three (3) unsuccessful password tries. 
  • Requires enrollment of:
    • deposit accounts 
    • authorized users (maker and authorizer) 
    • access rights to functionalities 
    • authorization rule (level of authority) 
Maker A person given access to a particular enrolled deposit account(s) and initiates the banking transactions in the weAccess.
Authorizer A person given access to a particular enrolled deposit account(s) and has the authority to implement (approve, disapprove or hold) the banking transaction initiated by the Maker. All monetary transactions require the approval of the Authorizer.


Refers to the transaction limit of authorizers as defined in the enrollment form.


Refers to the permission as to the functionalities/modules given to an authorized user (maker/authorizer) as defined in the enrollment form.


System Functionalities Description
Deposit Account Profile
Account Information
Balance Inquiry displays list /details of balance for each enrolled peso deposit accounts of the institution The functionality of viewing foreign currency deposit accounts is currently unavailable.
Account Statement displays the summary of banking activities/ statements of account for each enrolled deposit account belonging to the institution. It allows downloading of statement of account in 5 types of format: • MS Money/Quicken (QIF) • Spreadsheet (CSV) • Microsoft Excel Sheet (XLS) • XML Data (XML) • Swift MT 940
Account Group displays the enrolled deposit accounts per group as created by the institutional depositors
Current Account Services
• Check Reorder Allows the institutional depositor to reorder checkbook/s online
• Check Status Inquiry Displays the status of selected check/s issued by the institutional depositor and allows downloading of list of negotiated checks
• AICL File Upload Allows uploading of ACIC by NGAs and LGUs
Fund Management
• Fund Transfer allows the institutional depositor to make a real time or a future-dated fund transfer from one enrolled deposit account to another
• Bills Payment allows the institutional depositor to pay bills to enrolled merchants in the weAccess
• Fund Sweeping is the transfer of balances from a mother account to various enrolled satellite accounts or vice versa
• Auto Crediting Allows the institutional depositor to upload an Auto Crediting File containing the account numbers and amount to be credited using the Financial Data Entry System (FinDES)
• Auto Debiting Allows the institutional depositor to upload an Auto Debiting File containing the account numbers and amount to be debited using FinDES
Institutional Services
• ATM Payroll Allows the institutional depositor to upload file and credit Payroll accounts using FinDES
• Reports allows the institutional depositor to download a particular report
Loan Profile
Institutional Loan displays information about the client’s credit lines
Remittance Services
• Remittance Application Form displays the remittance application form needed to apply for an electronic money transfer and allows the client to fill-out and print the application form for submission to the LBP Branch.
• Easy Padala Hyperlink allows the institutional depositor to go to the Easy Padala website which offers remittance service online


The following Merchants may be enrolled for online payments:

(Note: Please ensure that the correct reference number is enrolled in the system.)

MANILA WATER Contract Account No. 8
Maynilad Contract Account No. 8
SKYcable Account Number 9
Pag-IBIG* Pag-IBIG Branch Code Pag-IBIG Employer ID No. 2 Maximum of 15
Globe Account Number 8
Innove Account Number 9
Davao City Water District Account Number 9
GSIS Required details are provided during actual payment or for every payment transaction are: • GSIS Agency Code • EBCS Transaction Number Not Applicable

*  The text file to be uploaded in the weAccess may be generated from the Pag-IBIG Data Entry System (PAG-IBIG DES) or may be generated by the institution from their own payroll system following the required PAG-IBIG file format.

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