Online Security Policy

This Data Privacy Statement (“Statement”), which has been prepared in relation to R.A. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and its implementing rules and regulations, describes how personal information are collected, processed, disclosed, and stored by Land Bank of the Philippines (“LANDBANK”) and is applicable to its employees and all persons who apply for or avail of any of LANDBANK’s products and services, or who have established or propose to establish an account with LANDBANK, or who have provided or propose to provide third party security to LANDBANK (“Client”).


To provide the Client with LANDBANK’s banking/financial products and services and/or to implement Client-requested transactions, LANDBANK shall collect personal information from the Client which may include, but are not limited to:

• Name, Age, Date/Place of Birth, Gender, Civil Status, Nationality

• Address and Contact Details

• Educational Background

• Employment History

• Financial Background

• Specimen Signature

• Permits, Licenses & Registrations

• Status of Pending Civil/Criminal Cases (if any)

• Telephone conversation recordings through our Customer Care Center

• CCTV footage for security purposes

If deemed necessary, LANDBANK may request to verify the Client’s personal information, or seek additional information from regulatory, judicial, tax authorities, or credit bureaus.



LANDBANK shall process the Client’s personal information in connection with any of the following purposes:

• Open, maintain, and/or terminate accounts;

• Ease of contacting/communicating with clients;

• Evaluate, approve, provide, or manage applications, financial products and services, and other transactions that the Client has requested;

• Comply with know-your-customer information requirements;

• Conduct credit and background checks;

• Evaluate Client’s eligibility for LANDBANK’s products and services;

• Perform profile and risk analysis;

• Provide extensive and quality support to the Client;

• For internal purposes, such as administrative, operational, audit, credit and risk management, or;

• Comply with its reporting obligation to government authorities under applicable laws, rules and regulations.



Processing refers to the collection, recording, organization, storage, updating or modification, retrieval, consultation, use, consolidation, blocking, erasure or destruction of personal information. If necessary for the efficient delivery of LANDBANK’s products and services, the processing of personal data may be outsourced to third party service providers subject to compliance with this Statement and the provisions of the Data Privacy Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

LANDBANK shall collect personal information through, but not limited to, any of the following:

• Face-to-face and/or telephone conversation with LANDBANK personnel

• Accomplishment and/or signing of forms/documents

• Online enrollment through electronic banking channels and services (e.g., iAccess, Mobile Banking Application, etc.)



LANDBANK collects information upon the Client’s application for, availment of and/or usage of LANDBANK’s products and services. This includes, but not limited to, account opening, loan applications, signing-in to e-Banking channels, etc.



Personal information may be processed and shared with various units within LANDBANK to the extent necessary for any of the purposes herein declared, to credit information bureaus,or to government authorities under applicable laws, rules and regulations.



Retention and disposal of personal information shall be made in accordance with the Records Disposal Policy and Records Disposition Schedule of LANDBANK as approved by the National Archives of the Philippines under RA 9470.




In accordance with the Data Privacy Act, RA 1405 (Bank Secrecy Law), RA 8791 (General Banking Law of 2000), RA 6426 (The Foreign Currency Deposit Act), BSP Circular 808 series of 2013 (Guidelines on Information Technology Risk Management for All Banks and other Supervised Institutions), BSP Circular 982 series of 2017 (Enhanced Guidelines on Information Security Management), and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), LANDBANK, its employees, agents and representatives, shall handle personal information with utmost care and adhere to appropriate organizational, physical, and technical measures to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and security of all personal information in its possession.



In accordance with the Data Privacy Act, the Client has the right to:

• Be informed whether their personal information shall or have been processed;

• Reasonable access to their personal information;

• Require LANDBANK to update their personal information;

• Suspend, withdraw, or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of personal information if LANDBANK is not required to retain it by law or for legitimate business purposes and subject to the conditions for the legitimate exercise of the said rights under the Data Privacy Act and its IRR.




Any inquiry or request for information regarding this Statement may be addressed to the following:

Data Protection Officer
LANDBANK Plaza 1598 M.H. del Pilar cor. Dr. J. Quintos Sts., Malate, Manila 1004
(+632) 405-7624

Website Authentication

The LANDBANK website is secure, using GlobalSign's Security Certificate for you to verify the authenticity of the site. At times, it may be necessary for you to verify the authenticity of the LANDBANK website so you will not be a victim of internet scams (for example, clients will be directed to seemingly legitimate sites then mislead them into providing vital account information to entities not authorized by the Bank). The GlobalSIgn Logo attached on all our website pages, when clicked, securely authenticates the LANDBANK website.

The best, safest and recommended way to access the website is by typing at the browser address bar.

How To Protect Yourself Online

LANDBANK encourages clients to take part in protecting their account while doing transactions online by ALWAYS doing the following:

1. Ensure that the site is secured before using it:

  1. Always type the complete web address into your browser instead of clicking links. By doing this, you are decreasing the risks of being deluded by a phishing site.

Phishing is the practice of attempting to obtain information (e.g., usernames, passwords, credit card details, Bank account numbers, ATM PIN, etc.) by pretending to represent a legitimate company in an e-mail or websites. The e-mail usually claims that it is necessary for the recipient to update and provide the information in the link or form attached in the e-mail. The criminals then use the information entered on the phishing site or form for their own fraudulent intentions.

  1. Official URL of LANDBANK website:
  2. Ensure that 'https' and the padlock symbol  are present in the website. These indicators signify that the site you are entering is genuine and secure. Double click the padlock symbol to verify if the certificate issued is still within its valid dates or if it has been issued to the website you are accessing.

2. Protect your computer from online attacks from viruses, hackers, spywares and other malicious programs by doing the following:

  1. Install and regularly update your Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Software.
  2. Activate your computer’s firewall settings.
  3. Always update your operating system.
  4. Do not download files or software from websites which you are not familiar with or from hyperlinks sent by strangers.

3. When accessing your account using a public computer or using a public WIFI network, kindly practice the following:

  1. Never adjust your security details.
  2. Always log-out from your online session once you are finished with your transaction.
  3. Ensure that no one can see your transactions in public.

5. Personal information such as address, mother's maiden name, mobile/telephone numbers, social security number, Bank account number and e-mail address should not be disclosed unless the one gathering the information is reliable and trustworthy.

6. Regular checking of transaction history details and statements should be done to ensure that no unauthorized transactions occur.

For other inquiry, you may contact LANDBANK through the following:

1. 24/7 Customer Care hotline: For NCR (02) 405-7000 or PLDT toll free 1-800-10-405-7000
2. Email: