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Innovation and Technology (I-TECH) Lending Program

The Innovation and Technology (I-TECH) Lending Program, in partnership with the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI), funds the commercial production of patented Filipino inventions.

• Inventors with active intellectual property (IP) rights (e.g. letters patent, utility model registration, industrial design registration)
• Enterprises duly authorized by Inventors to use their patent through a Deed of Assignment
Above borrowers must be duly endorsed by TAPI and should be registered with approriate agencies as, either:
• Single Proprietorship (Filipino citizen)
• Partnership (100% Filipino-owned)
• Corporation (at least 60% Filipino-owned)
• Cooperative
• State Universities and Colleges, government agencies and LGUs with active intellectual property rights and likewise, endorsed by TAPI

Viable project/business activities that fall within the industries/sectors defined by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-TAPI as follows:
• Commercialization/production of patented inventions that:
• Conserve, save or substitute fossil energy
• Promote or increase Philippine exports
• Result in import substitution/dollar saving
• Produce gadgets or other products that increase efficiency and /or lower cost of productions
• Enhance use of technology to agricultural/industrial areas
• Result in increased productivity in primary industries
• Increase local material content in imported/manufactured items; and
• Contribute to the improvement of the environment
• Other project that fall under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) priority sectors


• Acquisition of fixed assets/capital expenditures/production materials
• Working Capital

• Long Term Loans
• Short Term Loans/Lines

• LANDBANK Loan : 45% (up to maximum of P5.625 million)
• TAPI-IGF Loan : 40% (up to maximum of P5.0 million)
• Borrower's Equity : 15% minimum, in cash or in kind

Up to 85% of the total loan to be financed (but for maximum amount of P12.50 million) or, up to the repayment capacity of the borrower, whichever is lower. Borrower’s equity is minimum of 15% in cash or in kind
• LANDBANK Internal Fund : 5% per annum, subject to annual review
• TAPI-IGF : Zero interest

For Short Term Loan/Line
Via up to 360 days PN, depending on the borrower’s/project’s cash flow
For Term Loan
• On Fixed Asset Acquisition/Capital Expenditure/production materials: maximum of ten (10) years or based on the projected proposed project's cash flow, inclusive of grace period of up to two (2) years on principal repayment, but not to exceed the economic useful life or the remaining useful life of the fixed asset or validity of the letters of patent/patent certificate or utility model registration certificate, whichever is lower
• On Permanent Working Capital – Maximum of three (3) years with no grace period on principal and interest repayment

24% per annum
• LANDBANK shall require full collateral acceptable to the Bank
• The TAPI-IGF loan share of up to P5.0 million may or may not require collateral


a. Standard LANDBANK requirements for each type of client, loan
facility, and project, namely:
• Business registration papers (i.e. Mayor's/Business Permit, DTI registration, BIR registration, SEC/CDA registration, etc.) and company profile if borrower is a juridical person.
• Financial documents : Audited and BIR-stamped financial statements (FS)/interim FS for the existing business or feasibility study/project details for start-up business
• Valid certificates/permits/licenses/clearances from concerned government agencies
b. TAPI endorsement letter
c. Valid certificate of IP registration from the Intellectual Property
Office of the Philippines (IP PHL)
d. If Borrower is an Assignee of an IP registration - DA of Patents and
Rights to the invention/new technology/innovation
e. For micro-enterprises
• Two valid IDs with signature
• Barangay Certification as to residency in relation to given address
• Proof of billing address (Meralco, Water, Phone, Cable, Internet, etc.
• Sketch of place of residence
f. Duly filled-out Application Form with Statement of Assets and
Liabilities (SAL)
g. Business Plan (including financial projections, source of equity,
list of suppliers/markets or buyers with required volume and
frequency, and contact numbers)
h. Collateral documents
• Torrens Certificate of Title (TCT), Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT), Tax Declaration (TD) and plans on the offered collateral(s) of the borrower.
• Loan security acceptable to the Bank (e.i. OR/CR for Chattel Mortgage, Lease Rental Contract, Receivables other Contract Agreements for the execution of Deed of Assignment, Purchase Orders, etc.)
i. Other documents as may be required by LANDBANK counsel/or
approving official/s (LANDBANK/TAPI) in relation to the borrower
and nature of the business applied


• Borrower submits loan application and supporting documents to TAPI
• TAPI evaluates proponent and proposal as to eligibility under the respective programs, technical, and other aspects including completeness of documents/minimum requirements. TAPI may tap the services of third party evaluators to support its internal team of evaluators
• DOST-TAPI endorses (with endorsement letter) qualified borrowers to LANDBANK, forwards documents
• LANDBANK conducts credit evaluation. Lending Center/Units (LC/LUs) informs borrower and TAPI of result. If denied, reason is indicated

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