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Personal Management Trust

A type of arrangement that is ideal for those who wish to preserve or earn from their assets to answer for the current needs or the future use of the client/trustor or his beneficiaries.

PMT is created during the lifetime of the client for a specific purpose and becomes operational as soon as the agreement is accomplished. The PMT agreement contains the specific purpose/s for which the account was established consistent with the general purpose of the PMT. Under this arrangement, assets of the client are transferred to a Trustee (LBP-TBG) for management.

A PMT may either be a revocable or irrevocable trust. A revocable trust is a type of trust wherein the owner of the trust (client) can change the terms of the account such as the beneficiaries and the stipulations after it has been created. On the other hand, an irrevocable trust cannot be modified after it has been created.

Distribution of assets to the client/trustor or nominated third-party beneficiary/ies may be released on a staggered or lump sum basis according to the client’s wishes. It is good to note that under this arrangement, a client/trustor may or may not nominate third-party beneficiary/ies.

Classification Trust | Living Trust
Portfolio Mix Should be aligned with the investment objective/s and risk parameters set forth by the Trustor
Minimum Initial Investment & Maintaining Amount P100,000 or USD2,500.00
Minimum Holding Period Minimum of six (6) months Should be aligned with the investment objective/s risk paramaters set forth by the trustor
Penalty per early withdrawals n/a
Proof of Investment PMT Trust Agreement
Personal Management Trust - Frequently Asked Questions
Personal Management Trust - Documentary Requirements

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