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Bringing Urbanization and Innovations Thru Landbank's Diverse Engineering Resources Support (BUILDERS)

The BUILDERS Program is LANDBANK’s financial support facility to both government and private sector in their construction projects nationwide. The Program extends its assistance to the ever-growing needs of the construction industry in the midst of a sustainably growing economy of the Philippines. The Program shall provide the Contractors in the Philippines the needed working fund in ensuring the completion of awarded projects, apply much needed improvements, or pursue the expansion of their existing businesses.

Contractors duly licensed by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation
Board (PCAB) under the following classification and categories:
• General Engineering Construction
• General Building Construction
• Specialized Construction

Under the Term Loan Facility
• To finance capital expenditures (Capex) related to the Contrator’s business and its operations
• To finance permanent working capital related to the Contractor’s business operations

Under the Short Term Loan Facility
• To finance the Contractor’s Purchase Orders, and/or Contract Receivables on Processing, Manufacturing, Construction or Delivery of Infrastructures, Goods and/or Services
• Usable as Domestic Bill Purchase Line (for valued contractors with established business profitability and good credit track record only)
• To finance working capital requirement related to the Contractor’s business operations

All construction projects of the government and of the private sector
nationwide, except for large-sized housing and condominium projects
within Metro Manila, such as:
• Airports/Seaport
• Communications infrastructure

• Commuter/Pedestrian facilities
• Housing/Education/Real Estate Development
• Mass Housing Projects in connection to rehabilitation undertakings for calamity stricken regions
• Mass transit systems networks/structures
• Power/Energy/Renewable Energy supply and management projects
• Solid waste management infrastructure
• Transport Infrastructure
• Water management infrastructure
• Railways structures and facilities

For Awarded Contracts
• The maximum loan amount shall be up to 80% of the validated awarded contract/PO amount and secured with a minimum collateral cover of up to 0.30x depending on the credit rating of the borrower
For Business Expansion Purposes
• The maximum loan amount shall be up to 80% of the total cost of the business expansion and with a minimum collateral cover of up to 0.30x depending on the credit rating of the borrower

Prevailing LANDBANK rate at the time of availment

Based on standard fees and charges of the Bank

Any or combination of the following:
• Real Estate Mortgage
• Chattel Mortgage
• Deed of Assignment of Contract Receivables and all future receivables of the borrower. Contract Receivables must be supported by POs. The POs that are acceptable must be issued by any of the following:
1. Government entity/agency/department with authority to place the POs and enter into a Contract
2. Existing borrower of LANDBANK whose objects of the POs/Contract Receivables are financed by the Bank
3. Issuer/Contractee should have profitable operations for the last three (3) years and/or with satisfactory credit rating
• Assignment of Deposits with Hold-out
• Assignment of Investments and Other Money Market Placements
• Guarantees
• Post-dated Checks
• Any other collateral acceptable to LANDBANK


Pre-processing Requirements:
• Copy of Registration with SEC or other registering agencies
• Certified true copy of articles of Incorporation and by-laws
• Bio-data of applicant/key officers
• List of stockholders and their stockholdings
• General Information Sheet
• Current PCAB Certificate/License
• List of completed and on-going projects including the amount and status
• Business Permits
• BIR-filed Financial Statements (last three years)
• Latest Interim Financial Statement
• Copies of collateral documents
• Board Resolution / Secretary’s Certificate bearing Official Signatories and allowing transaction with LANDBANK
• Validated copy of the Awarded Contracts
• Validated copy of the Purchase Orders
• Computed NFCC of contractors with contracts on government projects, together with the supporting documents in computing said NFCC

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