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i-Easy Padala

Easy Padala is another e-banking innovation from LANDBANK. It is a web-based remittance system (LANDBANK Remittance System) available to overseas Filipinos that facilitates a fast and secure way of sending their hard-earned money to their beneficiaries on a near real time basis wherever they may be.


  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) 
  • Foreign remittance companies, local shipping and manning agencies, manpower placement agencies and remittance couriers


The System has the following existing modules:

  • i-PADALA - Through this module, foreign remittance company partners can transfer the remittances of OFW clients that are for credit to LANDBANK accounts, credit to other bank accounts, pick-up at LANDBANK branches or door-to-door delivery.
  • i-SWELDO - Domestic based shipping and manning agencies, remittance companies and remittance couriers use this module to upload payroll/remittance files for immediate processing by the system. The remittances may be for credit to LANDBANK accounts or credit to other banks.


  1. Point cursor on the Internet Explorer icon and double click or right click mouse and click open
  2. For dial-up connection click connect button to access the ISP provider. DSL connection just enters the Username and Password.
  3. The Internet Home page will appear, go to ADDRESS BAR & type "www.lbpeasypadala.com" then you shall be directed to the website.
  4. In the website, you can see all the modules of the IWRS on the lower left side corner are Quick Links: "Remitters, Log in Here", "New User, Register Here" and "Forgot Password".
  5. For new user: simply double click the "New User, Register Here" link and you will be directed to Remittance System Registration page.
  6. Choose which type of remitter are you? Individual - i-PADALA (Wholesalers/Remittance Companies and the like) or Domestic Organization, - i-SWELDO (Shipping Companies, Service Contractors, Land/Sea Based Agencies and the like)
  • i-PADALA (Remittance Agent)
  1. Fill-out all the mandatory fields (those marked with Red Star) and click the submit button
  2. If there is no duplication, all the data inputted shall be viewed in the screen with option to "Send Money Now" or "Sign-Off".
  3. Sign-Off will automatically end the session.
  4. "Send Money Now" will choose "Wholesale" option and follow steps 1 to 4. Just remember that all mandatory fields (marked with Red Star) should be properly filled-out with accurate data.
  5. Click finish button and the details shall be transmitted to LBP right away.
  • i-SWELDO (Domestic Organization)
  1. A template file shall be provided by LBP to clients with payroll like transaction.
  2. Domestic Organization should ensure that all mandatory fields (that are in bold) are properly filled-out with the accurate data (wrong A/C Nos. shall be rejected upon uploading).
  3. Create a separate file, which contains the payroll detail, and save it as a CSV (comma separated values) file.
  4. After you have created the payroll file, register in the IWRS as a Domestic Organization.
  5. Fill-out all the mandatory fields (those marked with Red Star) and click the submit button.
  6. If there are no duplications, all the data inputted shall be viewed on the screen with option to "Send Money Now" or "Sign-Off".
  7. Sign-Off will automatically end the session.
  8. In the "Send Money Now" option click Domestic and the Browse buttons and go to the directory where you saved the payroll file.
  9. Once the file has been found, click the upload button. If there are errors, the file will automatically be rejected. The error in the file will be highlighted for easy identification. Once corrected, save the payroll file again via a different file name to avoid duplication. Upload again, if there is no error, the remarks column will confirm how many accounts were processed.

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