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UITF Account Opening and Frequently Asked Questions

Where to open a UITF account? You may open a UITF account in any LANDBANK branch near you or you may visit LBP-TBG at 31F LANDBANK Plaza 1598, M.H del Pilar cor. Dr. J. Quintos Sts. Malate, Manila.

Here are the steps on how to open a UITF account:

  1. The investor should take the Client Suitability Assessment (CSA). The CSA is a guide for the Certified UITF Sales Person (CUSP) to determine his investment preference and be able to suggest the most appropriate UITF. After, the CUSP would discuss the recommended UITFs based on the results of the CSA. The investor would then select his preferred UITF appropriate for his investment goals and risk appetite.
  2. The CUSP would then explain the risks of investing in UITFs as well as the features of the investor’s chosen fund using the Risk Disclosure Statement (RDS). He would be required to sign the RDS to attest that the risks of investing are understood.
  3. The investor would then be required to read, understand, and execute the UITF Participating Trust Agreement. The UITF Participating Trust Agreement is a written contract that forms part of the evidence of the participation of a UITF investor. The document incorporates the UITF terms & conditions, rules & regulations, and other important disclosures.
  4. The LANDBANK branch would provide the investor with a Client Information Sheet and Signature Card (CISSC) and would require him to present a valid government-issued ID.
  5. The branch personnel would then assist the investor in funding the investment.
  6. A COP or transaction advice would then be issued by LANDBANK Trust Banking Group and would be sent to the investor’s e-mail address.

View/Download the UITF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

LANDBANK UITF - Documentary Requirements Checklist 2023
LANDBANK UITF - Account Opening Forms 2023
LANDBANK UITF - Frequently Asked Questions


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