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Safeguards Framework Manual

This Safeguards Framework Manual of the Carbon Finance Support Facility (CFSF) was developed to serve as LBP's guidebook in the developing and implementing of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects under the CFSF, through the assistance of the World Bank.


Bringing Urbanization and Innovations Thru Landbank's Diverse Engineering Resources Support (BUILDERS)

The BUILDERS Program is LANDBANK’s financial support facility to both government and private sector in their construction projects nationwide. The Program extends its assistance to the ever-growing needs of the construction industry in the midst of a sustainably growing economy of the Philippines. The Program shall provide the Contractors in the Philippines the needed working fund in ensuring the completion of awarded projects, apply much needed improvements, or pursue the expansion of their existing businesses.


Health Progressive Lending for Upgraded Services Program (HEALTH-PLUS)

The HEALTH-Progressive Lending for Upgraded Services (HEALTH-PLUS) Program is LANDBANK’s way of empowering healthcare providers through financial support, aimed at helping you provide quality medical care and enhanced health goods and services.


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