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Emerging FILIPINA Lending Program

Female-Initiated Livelihood and Investment Projects via INclusive Financing to Accelerate Entrepreneurial Growth Lending Program This program aims to provide credit support to women in their business ventures such as traditional trade, e-commerce business, and food services activities, among others. It will also further enhance their business management, marketing, production, accounting, financial and even info-tech skills through LANDBANK’s provision of trainings in coordination with LCDFI and training providers such as TESDA and DTI.

5% per annum fixed for three (3) years and subject to annual repricing thereafter based on one (1) year BVAL reference rate plus a spread based on credit rating



• For small farmers and fishers (SFFs)
    - Maximum of 12% per annum, inclusive of other charges
• Other than SFFs but for agricultural purpose
    - Maximum of 12% per annum
• For non-agricultural purpose
    - 15% per annum



• 24% per annum
• For Cooperatives - 3% per annum to be charged on the 31st day (to consider the 30-day curing period) up to the date of loan settlement



Standard fees and charges shall follow existing Bank policy



Any or a combination of the following:
• Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
• Chattel Mortgage (CM)
• Hold out on Deposits
• Other collaterals acceptable to Bank



Any or a combination of the following:
• Assignment of Contract/Receivables or Promissory Note of sub-borrowers, plus underlying collateral
• Post-Dated Checks (PDCs) to cover maturing principal and interest amortizations for medium enterprises
• Credit Life Insurance
• Assignment of claims on insurance/guarantee
• Joint and Several Signatures (JSS) of owners/major stockholders



• Short Term Loan Line shall be on Promissory Note maturity date
• Term Loan – up to 10 years (inclusive of 1 year grace period on the principal) payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually; for permanent working capital, up to five (5) years, payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual amortization based on cash flow


Loan under Rediscounting/On-Lending:
• For Short Term Loan Line:
  1. Principal may be payable in lump sum upon Promissory Note’s maturity date or consistent with batching by maturity date of sub-Promissory Notes as per revised CPI on Rediscounting Facility for PFIs
  2. Interest may be payable in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually in arrears or upon maturity of
Promissory Note
• For Term Loan:
  Principal and interest are payable in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually in arrears depending on repayment mode of sub-borrower’s PN



General Loan Processing Requirements
• Accomplished Loan Application Form (with pictures, if applicable)
• SEC/CDA/DTI-certified true copy of Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation/Cooperation and By-Laws
• Corporate Secretary-certified true copy of duly notarized Certificate confirming the Resolution of the Board of Directors and/or committees or bodies authorizing the application for LANDBANK loans specifying the amount, loan purpose and the entity’s authorized signatories
• Valid certificates/permits/licenses/clearances from concerned government agencies
• Audited Financial Statements (FS) with Notes for the past three (3) years and the current year interim FS
• List of Key Officers of the Firm, incumbent members of the Board of Directors and the firm’s existing principal shareholders and their stockholdings
• Client Information and Signature Specimen Card and at least one (1) valid/government ID such as but not limited to unexpired passport, Social Security System, Government Service Insurance System or Driver’s License
• Tax Identification Number/Copy of updated Income Tax Return (ITR)

(Applicable only if the above-listed documents are not on-file yet)
• Additional Project Type-Specific Pre-Processing Requirements
  1. For Construction/Repairs and Renovation: Cost Estimates Building Plan and Specification/Bill of Materials and Work Program/Building Permit
  2. For start-ups, viable business model/plan or feasibility study plus training certificates for relevant trainings attended by the members of the management team


Pre-Loan Release Requirements for Rediscounting/On Lending
• Letter-request to avail from the Term Loan from the firm signed by its authorized signatories, indicating among others the following:
  1. Amount of loan to be availed
  2. Number of sub-borrowers/prospective sub-borrowers
  3. Name of commodity/projects to be financed
      Note: This is for the purpose of determining more or less the amount of loan to be released
• Master list of sub-borrowers/sub-PNs to be assigned, if available
• PDCs, if the master list of sub-borrowers is not yet available
• The borrowing firm shall maintain custody of all sub-borrower’s PN including underlying collateral. The firm shall submit a notarized undertaking to keep custody of the sub-borrower’s PN and its provided underlying collaterals in favor of LANDBANK and that the same are open for inspection and audit of LANDBANK representative, anytime at the Bank’s discretion.
• Disclosure Statements duly signed by the authorized signatory/ies of the entity
• Duly notarized and signed Promissory Notes with Assignment of Assets/Inventories/Receivables
• Schedule of Notes Offered for Assignment indicating therein the face value and current outstanding balance of the sub-PNs and underlying collaterals (i.e. real estate/chattel mortgages, pledges, guarantees, suretyships, assignments, hold-outs, quedan/trust receipts, etc.) and supporting documents thereof
• Duly Notarized Certification that the assigned promissory notes with the underlying collaterals: i) are current; ii) are in the custody of the entity and available for inspection and physical transfer anytime at the option of LANDBANK through its authorized representative; and iii) have not been assigned to any other financial institution, including
the BSP


Post-Loan Release Requirements
• Schedule of loans disbursed under the Emerging FILIPINA Lending Program, not later than sixty (60) days after the loan has been released
• The entity shall return to LANDBANK the amount of the undisbursed amounts including interest incurred computed up to the date of return/payment not later than the 91st calendar day from the date of loan release, if any
• No subsequent releases shall be made until the entity has submitted the complete schedule of loan receivables and has returned/paid to LANDBANK the undisbursed amount including interest incurred
• Validation of sub-PNs rediscounted shall be covered by the provisions of CPI 2020-006 (Revised Implementing Guidelines on Rediscounting Facility for PFIs), as may be amended

Brochure of Emerging FILIPINA Lending Program

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