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Sulong Saka

The Sulong Saka Program aims to provide credit assistance to farmers cultivating high-value crops such as banana, cacao, coffee, oil palm, rubber, vegetables, among others and for various qualified stakeholders to support their production, processing, marketing and other agribusiness projects.

• Individual Small Farm Holders
• Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
• Cooperatives
• Farmers Associations/Organizations
• Large Agribusiness Enterprises (LAEs) /Corporation
• Local Government Units (LGUs)
• Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
• Countryside Financial Institution (CFIs)

• Must pass the Bank’s established Risk Asset Acceptance Criteria
(RAAC) prevailing as of the date of application
• For small holders farmers:
• Minimum farm area of 0.5 hectare but not more 5 hectares
• Must be the landowner or a leaseholder
• For landowner – must be an actual tiller or is directly supervising the farming activities and must have a land title (OCT, TCT, EP or individual CLOA )
• For leaseholder – must have a written or notarized lease
contract or similar contracts with remaining term at least equal to the term of the loan
• Must have no existing loan with LANDBANK, LANDBANK conduits
and other creditors covering same project area or that such loan
has already been fully paid
• Must have an identified market for his/her produce, preferably
through purchase orders with reliable buyers or traders

• Production of High Value Crops such as Vegetables (Highland,
Lowland, Spices, Legumes); Fruits (Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Others); Industrial Crops (Abaca, Bamboo, Coffee, Cacao, Rubber, Oil Palm) and Alternative Food Staple Crops (Saba-Cardaba,
Soybean, Rootcrops)
• Establishment of nursery, budwood/mother plant/parent clone
• New Plantation, Replanting, Rejuvenation, Rehabilitation of old
• Post-harvest activities (fermentation, drying,) and processing/
manufacturing (roasting, grinding/milling, packaging, storage)
• Trading, Export

• Fixed Asset Acquisition
• Building Construction
• Production Loan
• Rediscounting
• Working Capital/Commodity Loan
• Permanent Working Capital

• For Production Loan-standard project cost sharing of 80:20 (90:10
for small farmers)
• For Fixed Assets - not more than 80% of the acquisition/
construction cost
• For Commodity Loan - up to 85% of the market price of commodity
at the time of availment
• For LGUs - not more than the net borrowing capacity based on
BLGF certification

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