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The e-Tax Payment System (eTPS) is LANDBANK’s participation to the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS) of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). With eFPS, transmission of tax returns including attachments if any, and payment of taxes due to the government are made over the internet through the BIR website. The taxpayer is provided a paperless tax filing experience including the convenience of paying taxes online through an internet banking service via debit of an enrolled bank account.


  • e-Filing is the process of electronically filing returns by taxpayers including attachments if any, through the website of the BIR (eFPS or BIR). It uses BIR-supplied validation and computation rules to efficiently check for completeness and correctness of the taxpayer input.
  • e-Payment is the process of paying to BIR through the internet facilities of the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) upon taxpayer's instructions.
  • Warehouse Payment Facility gives a taxpayer an option to access the Electronic Tax Payment System (eTPS) earlier than the tax payment deadline. A taxpayer can choose a schedule on what date he/she wants his/her account to be debited for tax payment. 
  • e-Payment Inquiry via the LBP Website (http://www.lbp-etps.com) which gives the taxpayer the facility to inquire his/her pending/acknowledged, accepted and rejected transactions. 


  • The eFPS process provides convenience because it is quick, simple to use and secure.
  • Hard copy of BIR forms and manual attachments no longer need to be submitted to BIR by the taxpayer. The online interactive process allows for a quick exchange of information and acknowledgment of instructions and transactions. 
  • eFPS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. 


  • Large Taxpayers 
  • Selected non-large taxpayers 


  • A taxpayer must enroll in the eFPS using the website of BIR (http://www.bir.gov.ph) before using the e-Filing and LANDBANK’s eTPS facilities.
    • Click the eFPS button then click “filing and payment” button.
    • From the eFPS Log On page, click on “Enroll to eFPS” option.
    • Supply and complete the required fields on the Enrollment Form page. Click “Submit” button.
    • Wait for the email from the BIR confirming the status of your enrollment whether approved or disapproved.
  • Once approved, the taxpayer may already file his tax returns using the same BIR website. 


  • Log on to the eFPS Log in screen (http://www.bir.gov.ph) using your Tax Identification Number (TIN), Username, and Password supplied in the Enrollment Form to proceed to e-Filing. 
  • Answer the “Challenge Question” (exactly the way you answered in the Enrollment Form Page). Click the “Submit” button. 
  • From the user menu, select the appropriate Tax Return Form to fill-out and click “File tax return” button. 
  • Fill-out the selected Tax Return Form and validate by clicking the “validate” button. 
  • A tax return is deemed filed after a Filing Reference Number is generated and displayed on the screen after successful submission of the tax return. 
  • After e-Filing, The taxpayer shall proceed to e-Tax Payment. 

How to Enroll the Taxpayers’ Account under LANDBANK’s E-Tax Payment System?

  1. A taxpayer can visit the LANDBANK Branch where he maintains an account. The passbook, ATM card or checkbook and any two valid IDs should be presented. For individual taxpayers, Letter of Intent; For corporate taxpayers, duly notarized Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certificate authorizing enrollment of the account(s) and designating the authorized enrollee(s)/password holder(s) is required. Note: To avail of the eTPS of LANDBANK, a taxpayer should have an account with any LANDBANK branch.
  2. Fill out the LANDBANK eTPS Enrollment Form. These forms can be requested from LANDBANK’s Branches. The taxpayer shall be required to indicate only four (4) characters (letter or numbers or the combination of both) in the user ID portion of the eTPS Enrollment Form. This shall become the taxpayers permament User ID once enrolled. Email address is also required for the client to receive the LBP confirmation receipt/advice.
  3. Submit the accomplished form to the Customer Associate. A duplicate copy of the approved eTPS Enrollment Form will be given to the taxpayer.
  4. For proper identification of the taxpayers account in our system, a system-generated Password shall be assigned and delivered to the taxpayer through our authorized courier (Branch discretion).
  5. The taxpayer can use the eTPS with your LANDBANK account using the pre-assigned Password. For protection and security, the taxpayer will be prompted to change the pre-assigned password upon initial log on to the eTPS.

Procedure in Using e-TPS online Payment System

  • After BIR directed the browser window of the user to LANDBANK eTPS website the user will be asked for his enrolled account number. 
  • After entering the account number the user should validate the payment by entering the authorizer’s user ID and password. The user will have three (3) tries in entering the valid authorizer’s for the account number. On the third incorrect user ID or password, the user you will be redirected to BIR website (eFPS). 
  • Upon validation of payment, the user will be prompted to change password during the initial log-in of his/her user ID and Password. 
  • After successful payment, a confirmation receipt containing the details of transaction will be displayed on the screen. 

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