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Institutional Trust Services

These types of arrangements require LANDBANK TBG to act as the depository of the assets and properties that shall manage the same in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

Escrow Agency

LANDBANK Trust Banking Group, as an Escrow Agent, acts as an impartial third party who will intervene or safeguard your contracts involving money, securities, property titles or documents. We make sure that the terms and conditions of the agreement are complied with by all parties involved.


Employee Benefit Trust

Invest in your employees’ future today. Let LANDBANK Trust Banking Group help you build stability for your employees with confidence and ease. Retirement and Provident Funds are economical ways to fund, administer, and provide benefits to your employees.


Mortgage Trust Indenture

LANDBANK Trust Banking Group holds a pool of properties, real estate and/or chattel mortgage in behalf of creditors. Mortgage Participation Certificates are issued to represent the proportionate share of creditors on the collateral pool.


Facility and Loan/Paying Agency

The LANDBANK Trust Banking Group acts as intermediary between the Borrower/Issuer and a syndicate of Lenders/Noteholders in accordance to the Loan/Notes facility. The Facility Agent is appointed as such to centralize the monitoring and the administration of the Notes Facility, ensuring that payments due under the Notes are settled promptly, reports are submitted as stipulated in the Agreement and to a certain extent, ensures that terms and conditions of the Agreement are faithfully complied by all parties.


Special Purpose Trust

A Special Purpose Trust (SPT) is an entity used in asset-backed securitization wherein an institution (the originator) is able to access alternative financing by selling its assets or cash flows coming from its receivables to the SPT through a true sale and without recourse basis. The asset pool that can be securitized are typically receivables such as housing loans, auto loans, credit card receivables, lease payments, trade receivables, provided such receivables have an expected cash payment stream. The SPT issues asset-backed securities(ABS) evidencing claims to the cash flows and shall be the owner of the asset pool backing the ABS. Proceeds from the ABS is used by the SPT to finance the purchase of the asset pool.


Bangko Sentral Registration Document (BSRD)

LANDBANK, as an Authorized Agent Bank, can now issue a BSRD document to non-resident investors.