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LANDBANK Credit Card

The LANDBANK Credit Card provides the means for the cardholder to conveniently and safely make cashless purchases from MasterCard accredited merchants and/or facilitate cash advances.

Type of Card
Classic Gold
Annual Membership Fee - Principal P 1,000 P 2,500
Annual Membership Fee – Supplementary P 250 P 1,000
Cash Advance Fee 5% of amount withdrawn
Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate Based on prevailing MasterCard Foreign Currency Conversion Rate plus 2% Assessment and Service Fee
Card Replacement Fee P 300 for each card
Returned Check Fee P 500
Sales Slip Retrieval Fee P 350
Statement Printing/ Reprinting Fee P 100
Installment Pre-termination Fee 5% of remaining balance or P300, whichever is higher
Finance Charge Late Payment Fee
Single Currency Billing (in Peso) for Peso and other foreign currency transactions 3.0% 2.25% based on unpaid Minimum Amount Due

Truth in Lending Act

Click here to download the application form and the consent form.

  • Free annual membership fee for the first year and the cardholder shall be charged an annual fee every year thereafter.

New method of computing finance charges/interest on your LANDBANK Mastercard Credit Card:

  1. Regular Purchases

Any unpaid amount will be charged daily interest calculated from the previous cut-off date, and will be summed up at the end of each statement period. Remaining balances from prior SOAs will be carried over to the current statement until fully paid.

  1.  Cash Advance Transactions

Finance charge will be applied on the cash advance amount from transaction date until full settlement of the amount.

Click here for the sample computation.

The Minimum Amount Due (MAD) is the sum of the following: 

  1. 3% of your Outstanding Balance (less Over Limit, and/or Installment Amount, if any) or P200 whichever is higher;
  2. Installment Amount; 
  3. Overdue Amount; and
  4. Over-limit Amount, if any
  • Payment of only the Minimum Amount Due or any amount less than the Outstanding Balance on or before the Payment Due Date shall result in the imposition of interest and/or other charges. Partial payments also extend the period required to settle the full outstanding balance. Payments made after the Payment Due Date shall be subject to Late Payment Charges.

You may pay your LANDBANK Credit Card account either by cash or by check thru the  following:

  1. Over-the-Counter at LBP Branches/EOs thru the Online Collection (OnColl) Facility;
  2. LANDBANK e-Payment Portal (ePP);
  3. LANDBANK iAccess (enrolment at your branch of account is required);
  4. Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA);
  5. LANDBANK Mobile Banking App (MBA), and;
  6. LANDBANK Phone Access

To avoid penalty charges, please make your payments on or before the Payment Due Date. Payments (cash and checks including On-Us Checks) will be posted within 3 to 7 banking days.


  • Classic International
  • Gold International


  • Interest Rate - Lower Interest Rate at 3% per month.
  • Wide Acceptability - LANDBANK Credit Card has global acceptance in over 30 million accredited merchants and convenient money access with  2.7 million ATMs across the globe
  • Card Acceptance - LANDBANK Credit Card is accepted in all local and international thru participating /accredited merchants and member-banks of MasterCard
  • Security - Enhanced card security features thru EMV Technology to safeguard customer and card information, and reduce card fraud in Card Present transaction
  • Cash Advance - Up to 30% of credit limit through ATMs of MasterCard member banks
  • Electronic Statement of Account (eSOA - sent to cardholder's nominated valid e-mail address. Cardholders who opt to receive a paper statement will be charged a statement printing/reprinting fee of Php100 monthly
  • Purchase E-mail Alert - alerts sent to cardholders thru nominated valid e-mail address for every purchase made regardless of the amount
  • 3D Secure One Time Password (OTP) - an added security feature for online purchases. This is sent to cardholder's registered mobile number and is used to authenticate the transaction
  • 24 Hour Lost Card Hotline - Hotline service for lost/stolen cards: Call LANDBANK Customer Care Center (CCC) at (02) 8-405-7000 or PLDT Domestic Toll-Free Number 1-800-10-405-7000
  • Single Currency Billing - LANDBANK Credit Card features a Single Currency Billing where any foreign transaction will be billed in Peso
  • Loyalty Program - cardholders earn one (1) Reward Point for every P30 spent online or via Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals. Use points to pay for purchases, card annual fees and other charges (Click here for the sample conversion computation)
  • Easy Pay Program - allows you to convert retail transactions, single purchases into monthly installments up to 24 months
  • Wide Network of Payments Channels- accessible payment channels available to LANDBANK credit cardholders:
    • Any LANDBANK Branch nationwide;
    • LANDBANK Link.BizPortal at https://www.lbp-eservices.com/egps/portal/index.jsp ;
    • LANDBANK iAccess at https://www.lbpiaccess.com (enrolment at your branch of account is required)
    • LANDBANK Mobile Application (MBA), and;
    • LANDBANK Phone Access, dial (+632) 8-405-7000


Minimum requirements to apply for the LANDBANK Credit Card are:

  • Applicant must be of legal age
  • Applicants must have a stable source of income
  • No adverse findings on Credit Information checking
  • Required annual income
  • Classic - P240,000
  • Gold - P400,000


  • Duly filled out Credit Card Application Form
  • Latest 1x1 ID picture



  • Latest Income Tax Return (Min. Annual Income of Php240,000) 
  • Certification of Employment
  • Pay slips for the last three (3) months
  • Photo-bearing valid ID with signature
  • Proof of Billing Address


  • Registration papers with Department of Trade and Industry  (DTI) or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • BIR-stamped latest ITR with Audited Financial Statements
  • Photo-bearing valid ID with signature
  • Proof of Billing Address


  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with related Certificate of Registration issued by SEC (for Private entities)
  • Audited Financial Statements and ITR for the last three (3) years
  • Board Resolution or Secretary's Certificate authorizing the following:
    • the application for membership;
    • issuance of the LANDBANK Credit Card to such authorized personnel; and
    • the designation of an officer of the company to sign for and in behalf of the company
  • List of names of key officers/stakeholders
  • Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) payment instruction for each applicant, signed by the authorized signatories of the account 
  • Application forms signe dby the applicants and the one designated via Secretary Certificate as co-obligor who is authorized to sign in behalf of the company
  • Photo-bearing valid ID with signature of applicant/s, co-obligor/s, and Corporate Secretary


24-Hour Customer Care Center Numbers

  • Hotline No. (02) 8-405-7000 (Metro Manila)
  • PLDT Domestic Toll-Free No: 1-800-10-405-7000 (Outside Metro Manila)

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