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Personal Retirement Trust Account

A PRTA is an agreement established between a client (trustor) and LANDBANK Trust Banking Group (TBG) with the purpose of providing for the retirement needs of the trustor upon his retirement or his designated beneficiaries upon the trustor’s death.

This  type of arrangement is ideal for those who wish to establish a retirement nest egg and preserve or earn from their assets to help ensure that they have enough to answer for future needs such as medication, hospitalization, burial and emergency needs.

Clients have the option to gradually build-up their PRTA or invest one-time (lump-sum investment). Through build-up, a client is given the flexibility to set-up his PRTA for a lower minimum initial amount and steadily save for his retirement nest egg through regular contributions. For those who opt for lump-sum investment, they have the advantage of potential higher returns and diversification because of the volume of their funds.

Pay-out : Pension or lump-sum

Classification Revocable Trust
Portfolio Mix Depends on the risk profile, preference, objectives & Investment Policy Statement (IPS) of the client Should be aligned with the investment objective/s risk paramaters set forth by the trustor
Minimum Initial Investment & Maintaining Amount Build-up : P500,000.00 or USD2,500.00 Lump-sum : P2,000,000.00 or USD50,000.00
Minimum Holding Period One (1) year
Penalty for early withdrawal n/a
Proof of Investment PRTA Trust Agreement
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