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Facility and Loan/Paying Agency

The LANDBANK Trust Banking Group acts as intermediary between the Borrower/Issuer and a syndicate of Lenders/Noteholders in accordance to the Loan/Notes facility. The Facility Agent is appointed as such to centralize the monitoring and the administration of the Notes Facility, ensuring that payments due under the Notes are settled promptly, reports are submitted as stipulated in the Agreement and to a certain extent, ensures that terms and conditions of the Agreement are faithfully complied by all parties.

LANDBANK Trust Banking Group may be engaged as Paying Agent to ensure disbursement of periodic interest to creditors/lenders.


  • Issue/transmit notices to Lenders and Borrower to ensure compliance to loan agreement
  • Inform the Lenders of any event  to comply with its obligations to the Lenders
  • Prepare/send to the borrower and lenders the Interest Rate for the applicable period
  • Computation and distribution of periodic interest payments and principal repayments;
  • Maintenance and administration of Debt Service Account

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