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Credit Facility for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs)

Let LANDBANK help your institution grow with our Credit Facility for State Universities and colleges (SUCs). This credit facility supports qualifed SUCs with their infrastructure expansion, fixed asset acquisition and other income generating/ agri-related programs and projects.

Eligible Borrowers
SUCs that meet the following criteria:
• Those operating profitably in the last three years
• Engaged in agri-related programs and projects
• Have LANDBANK as their sole depository bank
• With DBM-CHED PASUC leveling of at least II

Eligble Projects
SUCs with rating Level III and Level IV
• Agri-related stand-alone projects
• Expansion of SUC facilities
(to include construction of buildings, acquisition of farm implements, school equipment, etc.)
SUCs with rating Level II
• Agri-related stand alone projects
This is in partnership with a private entity who is
knowledgeable on the proposed project and has
a positive track record in the proposed agri-related
project. SUC-borrower shall identify its private sector partner
in the project to be financed by LANDBANK

Term of Loan
• Fixed Asset Loans - based on cash flow but not to exceed
five years
• Short Term Loans - via up to 180 days PN

Loanable Amount / Project Cost Sharing
• Bank can shoulder up to 80% of the project cost
• Borrower's equity is minimum of 20%, may be in cash or in kind

Interest Rate
Prevailing LANDBANK rate at time of availment

Acceptable Collaterals
Any or combination of:
• Assignment of Hold-out on Deposits
• Assignment of Income of project(s) to be financed
• Assignment of SUC's income
• Chattle Mortgage
• Object of Financing
• Real Estate Mortgage

Documentary Requirements
for Loan Processing
• Approved budget for the current year
• Audited Financial Statements in the last three years
• Board resolution to borrow
• Collateral documents
• Copy of SUC's strategic plan
• List of officials and their designation
• Monetary Board Opinion
• Other project-related documents that may be required
• Setting up of Project Implementation Structure
(for stand-alone projects)

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