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Current Account with ATM Access

A non-interest bearing peso account wherein deposit transactions are made over-the-counter or via Cash Deposit Machine (CDM). Withdrawal transactions may be done either through the issuance of a check, or over-the-counter. ATM withdrawals may also be made at any LANDBANK and other ATMs with Bancnet and Visa* logo. Cashless purchases may also be done via online* and through any Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal of partner Merchants from department stores, supermarket and accredited establishments bearing the Bancnet and Visa logo. *applicable to LANDBANK Visa Debit Card only



  • Existing depositors of good business standing
  • New depositors with referral from LANDBANK officers or from known and valued clients of the bank
Minimum Initial Deposit P5,000
Required Minimum ADB P5,000
Service Fee for Account Falling Below the Required Monthly Average Daily Balance (ADB) • Coverage - Accounts falling below ADB requirement for two (2) consecutive month-end and every month-end thereafter • Collection - Monthly to start at the end of the 2nd month P200
Closing Fee Closing of account within 30 days from opening date P300.00 Effectivity Date: Dec. 1, 2017
Dormancy Fee • Coverage - Accounts with no depositor -initiated financial transaction for 1 year and falling below the required ADB • Collection - Monthly to start on the 5th year reckoned from the date of last financial transaction. P30.00/month Effectivity Date: April 24, 2017
PDIC Insurance P500,000 (Maximum deposit insurance per depositor)
Maximum ATM Withdrawal P50,000/day Effectivity date: July 4, 2019
Point-of-Sale (POS) - Cashless Payment P50,000/day
Checkbook Upon closure, all unused checks will be returned to the branch where the account is maintained.
Applicable LANDBANK Card LANDBANK Cards are issued to cardholders upon opening of the account; however, cards for joint accounts are issued three (3) days after account opening.

Type of Checkbook Fee
Personal Checkbook (Booklet of 50 pcs.) P300.00
Commercial Checkbook (Booklet of 100 pcs.) P600.00
MDS Checkbook (Booklet of 100 pcs.) P800.00
Continuous Form Check / Other Customized Checks To be based on the approved arrangements and design per Memorandum of Agreement

Stop Payment Order (SPO) per check requested P100
Returned Check P2,000/check
Penalty Charge for RCOCI for every P40,000 amount of check or a fraction thereof P200/day
Reprinting of Bank Statements* Private - transactions beyond two (2) months Government - transactions beyond one (1) year *reckoned from date of request P20/page
Bank Statement's Holding Fee - requested bank statements not claimed/picked-up within one (1) month P100

LANDBANK Cards LVDC (Debit Card)
Interbank ATM Withdrawal P10.00
Interbank ATM Balance Inquiry P1.00
ATM Fund Transfer LANDBANK to LANDBANK (Intrabank) P10.00
LANDBANK to Other Bank (Interbank) P25.00
Online Interbank Fund Transfer P25.00
ATM International Cash Withdrawal P150.00
ATM International Balance Inquiry P50.00
ATM Bills Payment Free
Card Replacement Fee P150.00
PIN Reprinting/Replacement* P50.00
Bank Certification on Deposit Balances (for all kinds of Bank Certification) P200.00
Bank Guarantee Against Deposit P400.00

Single Proprietorship Certificate of Registration with the DTI City/Municipal Mayor’s Permit

LANDBANK Branches Nationwide
Customer Care Center • NCR-8-405-7000 • Toll free for non-NCR- 1800-10-405-7000

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