Citizen's Charter

LANDBANK Citizen's Charter I. MANDATE The Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) is the official depository bank of the National Government. As a government financial institution, it operates with the constant goal of financial viability, delivering on its promise of excellence with its bank offerings and public service. LANDBANK simultaneously serves to fulfill its social mandate of promoting countryside development, helping spur credit activity and financial inclusivity for rural folks and communities. Through its commercial activities as well as developmental programs and initiatives, LANDBANK is able to strike a balance between sustainable profitability and progress for all its stakeholders, including the unbanked and unserved across the nation. II. VISION By 2028, LANDBANK shall be at the forefront of nation-building through the promotion of financial inclusion, digital transformation and sustainable development that benefits all Filipinos. III. MISSION We are the leading universal bank with a government mandate that provides responsive services beyond banking to all clients, publics and stakeholders.



Generates or facilitates the solicitation of new ideas, methods, approaches based on original, novel, or conventional approaches to continuously improve financial prodcuts, service delivery, work processes that are aligned to the goals and strategy of the Bank


Takes ownership of actions and decisions and conducts all business activities and financial affairs according to the highest organizational, social, ethical, and legal standards


Works together within and across boundaries to deliver results and support a positive and inclusive environment


Builds customer relationships with internal and external customers, maintains strong service orientation to ensure customer satisfaction


Creates and implements standards for products and services, ensuring consistency, accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness


Impartial and transparent in dealing with stakeholders


The ability to withstand or recover from difficult conditions


We commit to:
1. Help customers grow by putting them first;
2. Listen and understand customer needs;
3. Value customer feedback/voice and ensure they are at the heart of everything we do;
4. Explore ways to efficiently address customer needs and requirements;
5. Deliver quality, accessible, reliable products and services that help achieve financial goals;
6. Take ownership and pride in what we do;
7. Act promptly and deliver what is promised;
8. Delight customers by exceeding their expectations;
9. Consistently base our performance on the highest standards of ethics and excellence; and
10. Serve with competence, professionalism, and utmost respect at all times


We value your comments, suggestions and needs. For feedback and suggestions, please:

  • Talk to our Public Assistance and Complaints Desk Officer;
  • Accomplish our feedback form and drop it in the suggestion box located at the lobby;
  • You may also call our:

24/7 Customer Service Representatives:

(02) 8-405-7000 or 1-800-10-405 7000 (Domestic Toll Free)

Visit our website:


Write us:
LANDBANK Customer Care Center
32/F. LANDBANK Plaza
1598 M.H. del Pilar corner Dr. J. Quintos Streets Malate, Manila 1004

Thank you for assisting us to continuously improve our service.

LANDBANK supports Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018

LBP Citizen's Charter 2023 (2nd edition)

00_List of Services
01_Agrarian Services
02_Branch Banking Services
03_Conditional Cash Transfer and Other Government Programs Services
04_Credit Card Services
05_eBanking Services
06_Lending Services
07_Remittance Services
08_Treasury _ Investment Banking Services
09_Trust Services
10_Operations and Admin Support Services
11_Feedback and Complaints
12_List of Offices
Consolidated Citizen's Charter
LANDBANK Certificate of Completion