Agricultural Credit Support Project (ACSP)


ACSP is LANDBANK’s credit project that provides credit and non-credit support to agriculture and agri-related projects that may need additional capital to increase production or expand operations.


1. To increase investments, create new job opportunities and improve agricultural productivity in the rural areas by providing credit assistance eligible borrowers

2. To increase availability of loanable funds to its priority sectors.

3. To enhance target beneficiaries competitiveness and access to technologies by promoting business models with market linkage/innovative strategies..


1. Credit Component – provision of loans to eligible SMEs and LAEs

2. Non-credit component – provision of technical and capacity-building assistance to ACSP implementers and borrowers.

Areas of Coverage


Eligible Borrowers

Small farmers and fisherfolk groups, Cooperatives, SMEs, Large Agribusiness Enterprises, participating financial institutions.

Eligibility Criteria

Considers retail and wholesale borrowers, with agri-related projects.

Eligible Subprojects

Agriculture/fisheries, food/agro-processing, farm equipment, agricultural-related services and product distribution.