1. Consumer Protection Compliance Program

a. An FCP Compliance Program is established in order to prevent or reduce regulatory violations and protect consumers from associated harm or loss.

b. Any findings and recommendations from the Compliance Program mechanisms shall be elevated by the CMG to the BOD, through the ACC for assessment of the effectiveness and adequacy of approved policies and internal controls for FCP.

  1. Consumer Protection Internal Audit Program

a. An independent and periodic assessment of Bank Units’ adherence to consumer protection practices, internal policies, procedures, and laws, rules and regulations shall be conducted by the IAG.

b. Audit results from the said assessment shall be elevated by IAG to the BOD, through the ACC, to ascertain the effectiveness and adequacy of approved policies and internal controls for FCP.

  1. Consumer Protection Training Program

a. The Bank appropriate trainings and development programs to enhance the competencies of its human resources through the ODD.

b. In addition to its in-house programs, the Bank allows its employees to participate in external training programs, both local and foreign, provided, a re-tooling seminar, roadshow or IT system roll-out programs shall be cascaded to concerned Bank employees.

c. The training programs are categorized into:

•    Management and leadership;

•    Operational courses; and

•    Foundational (organizational and behavioural) courses


LANDBANK CAMS is centralized at the CCC under the CAD.

For CAMS to be effectively carried out, CCC shall undertake the following:

a. Receive, handle, register, and provide feedbacks to customer inquiries and complaints received from different Bank channels, such as LANDBANK PhoneAccess, LANDBANK electronic mails, LANDBANK Website – WEBMASTER, and LANDBANK Facebook page.

b. Consolidate and analyze recorded calls and reports on complaints, and report results thereof to MANCOM for resolution and approval of mitigating strategies.

c. Ensure competency and quality in the delivery of CCC’s services through provision of trainings and seminars on excellent customer service and other relevant development workshops, in coordination with ODD.

d. Provide a dedicated and an organic team that ensures quality services through its Quality and Complaint Management Unit which handles process improvement, call quality assurance, complaint management, and Management Information System (MIS)/Feedback Management.

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