Regular Peso Time Deposit

A specific amount of funds in peso which earns interest at a pre-determined competitive rate for a fixed period of time/term with a “Certificate of Time Deposit” (CTD) as proof of deposit. This is offered to individuals and institutions with peso denominated funds which may be locked-in with the bank for at least thirty (30) days.



  • At least seven (7) years of age
  • Able to read and write
  • Not suffering from any legal disability
  • With credible identification


  • Government Line Agencies, Government-Owned and -Controlled Corporations (GOCCs), and Local Government Units (LGUs)
  • Private corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, associations and other duly registered organizations


Minimum Initial Deposit



Minimum of 30 days and Maximum of 360 days

Interest Rate (per annum)

Based on market rates, amount and terms

Pre-termination Rate/Penalty

Revert to prevailing regular savings rate


Certificate of Time Deposit (CTD)

Documentary Stamp Tax (DST)

To be paid by the depositor upon opening/renewal



  1. LANDBANK Branches Nationwide
  2. Customer Care Center
    • NCR-405-7000
    • Toll free for non-NCR- 1800-10-405-7000
Basic Requirements 
· Local1. Presentation of at least one (1) original valid photo-bearing ID
 a) When necessary, Branches shall require secondary proof of identification (e.g., billing statement of utilities or major credit cards in the name of the customer). 
 b) Identifying documents shall be signed by the customer.
 c) SSC of referred customer shall be signed by the endorsing officer/employee of the Bank or valued customer.
 d) The BH/BOO/BSO[1] who shall approve the opening of the deposit account may, at his discretion, confirm the same with the referring officer/employee or valued depositor of the Bank.   
 2. Two (2) recent ID photos (to be attached to CISSC/LOCIS and SSC)
 3. Students who are beneficiaries of remittances/fund transfers and are not yet of voting age may be allowed to present the original school ID duly signed by the Principal or head of the school and submit a clear photocopy of the same. 
 4. Whenever necessary, the Branch may accept other IDs, provided that it shall not be the sole means of identification.
 5. In case the identification documents mentioned above or other identification documents acceptable to the Bank do not bear any photo of the customer or authorized signatory, or the photo-bearing ID or a photocopy thereof does not clearly show the face of the customer or authorized signatory, the Branch may utilize own technology to take the photo of the customer or authorized signatory
 6. Birth certificate of the child in case of parents opening an account in behalf of their child
 a) The Branch shall retain a photocopy of the same duly authenticated by the NAC
 b) The parent(s) shall still be identified in accordance with the requirements
· Foreigner, all of the following:1. Passport
 2. ACR/Diplomatic Identification Card issued by the DFA specifying status i.e., working, business, student or non-resident
 Foreign national whose working permit is under process shall be required to submit Certificate of Employment.
· Court-appointed Fiduciary (Guardian, Administrator, Trustee or Receiver), all of the following:1. Original Copy of Court Order containing the Fiduciary’s appointment
 2. Original Copy of Court Order authorizing the Fiduciary to open a deposit account with LANDBANK
 The Branch shall retain a photocopy of the Court Order duly authenticated by the NAC.
Single Proprietorship1. Certificate of Registration with the DTI
 2. City/Municipal Mayor’s Permit