Composition of the LANDBANK BOD 2021

as of 31 December 2021

Board Composition

The positions of Chairman of the Board, and President and CEO, are held by two different persons. The Chairman of the Board is Sec. Carlos G. Dominguez, Secretary of the Department of Finance, while the President and CEO is Cecilia C. Borromeo, who is also the Vice-Chairperson.
•    Secretary of Finance                                   - Chairman (Ex Officio)
•    LANDBANK President and CEO              - Vice-Chairman 
•    Secretary of Agrarian Reform                    - Ex Officio Member
•    Secretary of Labor and Employment        - Ex Officio Member
•    Secretary of Agriculture                              - Ex Officio Member
•    Two members appointed by the President of the Philippines representing the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries
•    Two members appointed by the President of the Philippines representing the Private Sector
Composition of the LANDBANK Board of Directors as of 31 December 2021
1.  Carlos G. Dominguez                   
     Ex-Officio Chairman
    Secretary, Dept. of Finance        

2.  Cecilia C. Borromeo                                   
     Vice Chairman    
     President/Chief Executive Officer

3.  William D. Dar                    
     Ex-Officio Member    
     Secretary, Dept. of Agriculture

4.  Bernie F. Cruz                   
     Ex-Officio Member    
     Acting Secretary, Dept. of Agrarian Reform

5.  Silvestre H. Bello III      
     Ex-Officio Member                                           
     Secretary, Dept. of Labor & Employment  
6.  Jesus V. Hinlo, Jr.
     Member, Private Sector Representative

7.  Nancy D. Irlanda
     Member, Private Sector Representative     

8.  Virgilio D. Robes                         
     Member, Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Representative              

9.  Jaime L. Miralles                         
     Member, Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries  Representative

Board Qualification

Pursuant to R. A. 8791, R. A. 10149, BSP Manual of Regulations for Banks, the LANDBANK Charter, GCG Memorandum Circular No. 2012-07, and other pertinent laws and regulations, the following are the qualifications of the LANDBANK Board of Directors:
1.    No person shall be elected or appointed director of the Bank unless he is a natural born citizen of the Philippines, not less than 35 years of age, of good moral character and has attained proficiency, expertise and recognized competence in one or more of the following: banking, finance, economics, law, agriculture, agrarian reform, business management. Provided further, that no Director, stakeholder or employee of any other bank shall be eligible for election or appointment as member of the Board of Directors of the Bank.
2.    For an appointive director, he must have a college degree with at least five years of relevant work experience, except for a sectoral representative who only needs to be a bona fide member of the indicated sector of the association being represented as provided for in the Charter or By-Laws.  
3.    He must have attended a special seminar on corporate governance for Board of Directors conducted or accredited by the BSP.
4.    An appointive director must have attended or will attend within three months from the date of appointment, a special seminar on public corporate governance for Directors conducted by the GCG or any individual or entity accredited by the GCG.
5.    He must be fit and proper for the position of a Director of the Bank. In determining whether a position is fit and proper for the position of a Director, the following matters must be considered:

  • integrity/probity;
  • physical/mental fitness;
  • competence;
  • relevant education/financial literacy/training;
  • diligence; and
  • knowledge/experience.

All members of the LANDBANK Board, including the President and CEO, as well as the Appointive Directors in Subsidiaries and Affiliates shall be qualified by the Fit and Proper Rule issued by the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) approved by the President of the Philippines, including any future amendments and revisions thereof.

The foregoing qualifications for Directors shall be in addition to those required or prescribed under R.A. No. 8791 and other existing applicable laws and regulations.