Corporate Governance of LBP

Overall Corporate Governance Structure and Practices

LANDBANK is fully compliant with the provisions of the Code of Corporate Governance.

LANDBANK’s corporate governance is reflected in its organizational structure that defines a governance hierarchy led from top by the Board of Directors and its delegated duties and responsibilities through the six Board-level Committees namely, (1) the Corporate Governance Committee, (2) the Audit and Compliance Committee, (3) the Risk Oversight Committee, (4) the Trust Committee, (5) the Agri-Agra Social Concerns Committee, and (6) Related Party Transactions Committee. These six committees are ably supported by independent Bank units — the Internal Audit Group, Risk Management Group, Trust Banking Group and Agrarian Services Group — which perform specific functions for the said Committees. These independent units report directly to the Board but are administratively supervised by the President and CEO. The Office of the Corporate Secretary provides logistical support to the LANDBANK Board, the Corporate Governance Committee and the Related Party Transactions Committee.