Annual Medical Examination

LANDBANK values its human resources and provides its employees with opportunities to maintain their health and well-being.  Since 2016, LANDBANK has established the annual medical examination with the issuance of Executive Order No. 001, Guidelines on the Mandatory Annual Medical Examinations (AME) for LANDBANK Employees. This is in line with the Bank's thrusts of safeguarding employee health, safety and well-being, promoting productivity and complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Standards and the Policy on Working Conditions at the Workplace set by regulatory bodies including the Civil Service Commission.

In addition to HMO-accredited facilities for the conduct of the AME nationwide, the on-site Annual Physical Examination at the LANDBANK Plaza was organized to make the service more accessible to LANDBANK personnel. This facility was availed of by 1,129 Head Office-based employees in 2019. 

A total of 389 officers underwent AME in MediCard accredited clinics during the year.


Vaccination Program

To protect the health of employees and prevent communicable diseases, LANDBANK procures vaccines and implements a nationwide annual Influenza Vaccination Program on a voluntary basis.  For 2019, there were 4,906 vaccine recipients. Also, 64 employees and dependents availed of the pneumonia vaccine.


Occupational Safety and Health Promotion

In line with its thrust of promoting health and wellness in the workplace, the Employee Relations Department together with the Corporate Affairs Department and Life-Care Fitness Management, Inc. (third-party service provider for the LANDBANK Gym and Fitness Center), produced the "Fit o'Clock Habit." The “Fit o’Clock Habit” is a series of instructional videos on exercises that may be performed by LANDBANK personnel while at their desk, and as a break during trainings/meetings, to reduce the number of cases of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among LANDBANK employees. These videos are accessible to employees via Facebook Workplace.

To ensure proper deployment of newly hired personnel, 935 personnel were evaluated and classified based on their individual health risks and the health hazards that may accompany the work assignment.

In order to prevent the spread of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) in the workplace, contact tracing/screening was implemented for ten primary cases of PTB, with 103 close contacts evaluated for the disease.


Health Education

Part of the efforts to promote health involves providing employees with accurate and updated information on health with the objective of creating awareness, gaining new insights, and motivating practical application of learning to their daily life. 

In 2019, a total of six quarterly Wellness Forums were conducted with a combined number of 265 participants. Wellness experts were invited to talk on various topics and promote adoption of healthy and well-balanced life.  “Health Notes,” a communication tool which aims to keep LANDBANK employees informed about health issues (e.g., smoking cessation, drug abuse prevention, reducing cancer risk, preventing stroke, breast health, earthquake preparedness and response measures, HIV-AIDS, rabies, autism awareness, sexually transmitted infections, privileges of person’s with disability, blood donation, bird flu, avian flu, influenza, dengue, ADHD, etc.) were disseminated through various means of communication including internal email  network and social media. There were 49 health advisories released in 2019.


Healthcare Services

To provide its employees with access to medical services, LANDBANK operates a worksite Medical Clinic manned by healthcare professionals (i.e., internists, occupational health physicians, nurses) offering services such as consultation, first aid treatment, medical record-keeping, certification/fitness assessment and emergency ambulance transportation, if necessary.  For 2019, medical consultation in the LBP Medical Clinic was availed of 8,371 times.

As an additional health promotion initiative for its employees, LANDBANK implements “My Access to Health Program” to assist Head Office employees in attaining compliance with physician’s recommendations for proper nutrition, prescription medications and follow-through laboratory examinations. This brings to the worksite the following services:

  • Phlebotomists are available twice a week at the LBP Medical Clinic to extract blood from those with medical conditions requiring regular monitoring with a total of 259 availers.
  • A registered dietitian offers nutritional counselling twice a month for those in need of guidance on proper nutrition.  In 2019, 52 individuals sought dietary advice.


Random Drug Testing Program

LANDBANK is committed to safeguard the health, safety and well-being of its employees by maintaining a work environment free from the use of dangerous drugs. LANDBANK Administrative Order No. 11, series of 2019, “Guidelines on the Implementation of the LANDBANK Drug-Free Workplace Program,” was issued on February 8, 2019 in compliance with various laws and policies including Republic Act No. 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002); Malacañang Memorandum Circular No. 89, series of 2015; Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Regulation No. 2, series of 2004; Civil Service Commission (CSC) Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 13, series of 2010; and CSC MC No. 13, series of 2017.

In 2019, LANDBANK completed two-year Random Drug Tests (RDTs) in the Head Office wherein a total of 1,983 employees were successfully tested. The conduct of RDT in the branches in National Capital Region (NCR) started in 2019 wherein 196 employees were tested in five batches covering 15 NCR field units.

On April 3 to 5, 2019, an orientation/education on the implementation of the LANDBANK Drug-free Workplace Program for NCR was conducted by an accredited physician from the DDB to 43 heads/representatives of LANDBANK field units.

Starting February 2019, LANDBANK has been submitting its Accomplishment Report to the DDB relative to its compliance with the Philippine Anti-Drugs Strategy.


Psychological Support Program

In compliance with Republic Act No. 11036 or the Mental Health Act, and as a tangible manifestation of its paramount concern of uplifting the general well-being of its employees, LANDBANK launched the Wellness Line on March 26, 2019 and this has been made available to all employees effective April 1, 2019. The Wellness Line is a 24/7 mental health phone support manned by professionally trained third-party helpline responders from a reputable mental healthcare provider. Moreover, psychological counseling services, which are essentially connected with the Wellness Line were also made available starting April 2019.  These had been conducted via telephone, web-based and/or face-to-face sessions.

The Wellness Line is a proactive approach to help Bank employees build the necessary resilience to cope with the challenges of a changing organization and job context, highly competitive business environment, intense customer expectations, and fast-paced multi-tasking tasks vis-à-vis the demands of their personal lives.


Employee Wellness Program

The holistic wellness of employees, i.e., addressing physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual dimensions of health, for employees is promoted via the Bankwide implementation of the ILiveWellness Program.


Sports and Recreation Program

In the Head Office, competitive sports events (e.g., bowling, basketball, chess, darts, table tennis, billiards, volleyball, and badminton) held at the worksite LBP Recreation Center or in nearby venues were conducted year-round with 967 participants.

LANDBANK also supported employees’ participation in sports activities (e.g., golf, billiards, badminton, volleyball, basketball, bowling, and practical shooting) organized by external institutions like the Government Corporations Athletic Association and the Bankers Athletic Association, by sending 129 athlete-delegates.

Employee clubs have served as avenues for pursuing and honing a hobby or interest.  In 2019, LANDBANK supported two employee clubs for five recreational/sports events with 558 participants.

Further, under the ILiveWellness program are fellowships and family-oriented activities with six events held in 2019, i.e., Officers’ Nights, ballroom dancing sessions, personality development workshop for employees’ dependents, and Christmas Party for children and wards of employees.


Financial Wellness Program

Learning sessions primarily aimed at equipping employees with knowledge and skills on potential entrepreneurial ventures were conducted in 2019 with five sessions joined by 86 participants.  They were taught how to process soya beans (tokwa, tofu and flavored taho), produce perfume and cologne, concoct herbal liniments, and bake pastry slices and bars.  A talk on financial wellness was also held.


Spiritual Wellness in the Workplace Program

Regular worship services and spiritual counselling are conducted at the LBP Chapel in coordination with the Catholic employee community.  Spiritual learning sessions participated by other employee spiritual groups were also held.

In 2019, the Philippine Bible Month was observed with the conduct of a Bible Display and Museum from January 28 to 31, 2019 at the LANDBANK Plaza. Employees also donated a portion of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fund to support the “May They Be One” ecumenical bible distribution advocacy program of the Philippine Bible Society.


Health and Wellness Facilities

LANDBANK Gym and Fitness Center

Employees are provided with opportunities to pursue physical fitness through the LANDBANK Gym and Fitness Center (LBP-GFC), a worksite gym that operates before and after office hours.  A fitness instructor is available to design individualized programs and ensure participants’ safety while using gym equipment.  In 2019, the LBP-GFC was accessed by 880 employees.   Group exercises offering a wide range of activities (e.g., yoga, zumba, dance aero, yogalates) were also held daily participated by a total of 313 employees.

In addition to these, six fitness-related special activities (e.g., beach body work out, duo fitness challenge, battling rope workout, body composition analysis, yoga block workout, stroops challenge, boot camp series challenge, speed agility) were held at the LBP-GFC.


LANDBANK Employee Well-Being Survey

An Employee Well-Being Survey was conducted from April 8 to June 7, 2019 through the LANDBANK e-Learning Access Portal (LEAP) System.  The survey was made open to all LANDBANK employees and was aimed at obtaining baseline data from the respondents regarding their current state of well-being.

The survey adopted the Workplace PERMA Profiler which was developed by psychologist Dr. Margaret L. Kern of the University of Pennsylvania. There were 4,670 respondents or 53% of LANDBANK’s employee population that participated during the survey period. 


Other Mechanisms to Support Employees’ Health

In addition to assisting employees secure healthcare coverage administered by a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO),  LANDBANK provided health-related benefits to its employees who had undergone gynecologic procedures (65 requests for special leave privileges under the Magna Carta of Women), sustained injuries due to work-related accidents (7 cases reviewed for special leaves/Rehabilitation Privilege),  or been diagnosed with dreaded diseases or critical/debilitating medical conditions (71 claims for financial assistance and 26 requests for sick leave extension due to dreaded illnesses,  51 cases evaluated for separation due to medical conditions) to facilitate recovery and rehabilitation, or to properly manage health for those leaving the service.


Employee Volunteerism Activities

The LANDBANK Volunteerific Program has been providing employees with opportunities for making a real and valuable difference on people, communities and society as a whole.

In 2019, 8,440 or 85% of the LANDBANK’s 9,959 employees adopted/supported a total of 309 Volunteer Involving Organizations (VIOs) from the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Pillars (LEED: Livelihood, Environment, Education and Disaster Relief) rendering 146,275 volunteer hours with an average of 17.33 volunteer hours per engaged employee.

LANDBANK employees gave a positive response to the call for monetary contributions to LANDBANK’s CSR fund generation campaign dubbed as “Hour Time to Share.” The generosity of employees resulted in 18,577 work hours donated by 6,043 contributors or 71% of the total population.  The equivalent monetary value of these work hours amounting to ₱5,801,225.19 was channeled mostly to the Bank’s GAWAD PATNUBAY scholarship program for deserving but financially disadvantaged students pursuing agriculture- and fisheries-related courses.  Other portions went to donations for the LANDBANK Alumni Association, Inc., and the Philippine Bible Society.

In November 2019, the Management approved the institutionalization of a voluntary cash donations program known as the LBP Alternative Mechanism of Benevolent Assistance for the Greater - Good System or the LANDBANK AMBAG System.  A total of ₱460,072.07 donated by LANDBANK employees and outsourced personnel were turned over to appropriate LANDBANK units for distribution to employees and communities affected by the series of earthquakes in Mindanao that occurred during the latter part of 2019.

Worksite bloodletting activities were conducted thrice in 2019 in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). The campaign yielded 388.35 liters of blood from 863 donors.  LANDBANK was lauded as an Outstanding Blood Services Partner by the PRC in 2019.

LANDBANK, in partnership with the Department of Health and the Manila Health Department, sponsored a Milk-letting Activity entitled: “Share your Breastmilk” on March 8, 2019 where thirteen (13) employees  donated a total of 2,379 mL of breastmilk to the Milk Bank of the Neonatal Unit of the Philippine General Hospital.

In December 2019, LANDBANK conducted the second year of the “Share A Gift Program” in the City of Manila.  A Noche Buena package consisting of rice, holiday ham, and groceries from LANDBANK, together with school bags, school supplies, toys and shirts from the employees were given to 500 children of the streets and their families in the area of Tondo, Manila.

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