Expanding financial access for all: LANDBANK rolls out LANDBANKasama Program in remote areas

January 22, 2024

(left photo) LANDBANK Executive Vice President Liduvino S. Geron (8th from left), alongside Mayor Fernando B. Estavilla (7th from left) and DSWD Region VII Director Shalaine Marie S. Lucero (6th from left), spearheads the launch of the LANDBANKasama Program in the Municipality of President Carlos P. Garcia in Bohol to bring banking services closer to the residents of the island town. (right photo) LANDBANKasama Partner ZVN Store demonstrates to DSWD beneficiaries the convenience of conducting cash-in and cash-out transactions using LANDBANK’s point-of-sale terminal.

The Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) is ramping-up efforts towards expanding financial inclusion in the country with the nationwide rollout of the LANDBANKasama Program that will provide basic banking services in far-flung and underserved communities, also known as Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAs).

The LANDBANKasama Program was launched as part of the state-run Bank’s Digital Financial Inclusion Caravan on 18 January 2024 with simultaneous events in 11 sites nationwide in the provinces of Batanes, Tarlac, Quezon, Oriental Mindoro, Camarines Sur, Bohol, Negros Occidental, Leyte, Cagayan de Oro City, Davao del Norte, and Sulu. 

The new LANDBANKasama Partners tapped in these sites will add to the Bank’s 1,113 accredited local partners operating 1,870 cash-out terminals as of December 2023.

The LANDBANK Digital Financial Inclusion Caravan, which promotes digital banking and the habit of saving through financial education, introduced the LANDBANKasama Program and the new LANDBANK PISO Plus, among the Bank’s latest offerings. 

“The LANDBANK Digital Financial Inclusion Caravan represents our steadfast commitment to fostering financial inclusion and empowering the underserved. We will continue to leverage on meaningful partnerships and digital technology to reach and serve even the farthest corners of the country,” said LANDBANK President and CEO Lynette V. Ortiz.

Expanded financial access through LANDBANKasama Program

To ensure financial access even in the most remote and underserved areas, LANDBANK is expanding its strategic partnerships with local players—client cooperatives, associations, rural banks, local government units (LGUs), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and private entities, among others—to provide basic banking services on behalf of the Bank.

LANDBANKasama is a rebrand of the Bank’s Agent Banking Program (ABP), which better captures the goals of the Program in creating strategic points of banking access and promoting collaboration among local players towards expanding financial inclusion. 

LANDBANKasama Partners provide services such as cash withdrawals, cash deposit, fund transfers, bills payment, and balance inquiry, while helping to save on transportation costs for clients who previously needed to travel to other towns and cities for these basic banking transactions. 

The program benefits beneficiaries of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program of the National Government, as well as government employees, teachers, students, and other private clients from underserved communities.

Banking and saving made easier with PISO Plus 

Participants open the new LANDBANK PISO Plus account on the spot using their smartphones through the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App, during the rollout of the Digital Financial Inclusion Caravan in the Municipality of Mayantoc in Tarlac.

To encourage more Filipinos into the habit of saving, the Bank also launched its newest product, the LANDBANK PISO Plus, which is a basic deposit account that interested customers can conveniently open online through the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App (MBA). 

With no initial deposit and no maintaining balance required, opening a LANDBANK PISO Plus account provides customers instant access to the Bank's other digital banking services. These include fund transfers, bills payment, e-commerce transactions, and cardless withdrawals through the LANDBANK MBA.

There is also no required average daily balance for the account to earn interest. Alongside a virtual Visa Debit Card, customers can opt to obtain a physical card for a nominal fee. 


LANDBANK is the largest development financial institution in the country promoting financial inclusion, digital transformation and sustainable development to benefit Filipinos. It is committed to provide responsive and meaningful services beyond banking, and leverage on innovative technology for safe, convenient, and accessible digital banking solutions.




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Davao cacao co-op relishes sweet success via LANDBANK partnership

The Biao Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (BARBCO) led by General Manager Guadalupe Ocial has grown into a prominent cacao industry player in the Davao region through a productive partnership with LANDBANK. DAVAO CITY – From its humble beginnings to the success it is now reaping, the growth of the Biao Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (BARBCO) is deeply rooted in the soil of collective endeavor, resilience, and fruitful partnerships. BARBCO was established in 1992 by former employees of the defunct Philippine Cocoa States Corporation, and initially ventured into the Lakatan banana industry.  BARBCO has since grown into a prominent agriculture player in the region, primarily engaged in cocoa production, marketing, and cocoa liquor and chocolate production. It now has 41 regular members and 215 associate members. Their journey, however, was not without challenges. BARBCO General Manager Guadalupe Ocial admits that the 200 hectares of land awarded to them as Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) was a significant opportunity, but needed much work to really establish a productive and sustainable business.  They needed enough working capital to fuel their growth—and this was where the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) stepped in.  BARBCO first turned to LANDBANK for support during the co-op’s early beginnings in the 1992 when they availed funding for Lakatan banana production. This relationship grew over the years and paved the way for their successful venture into the cacao value chain in 2016. General Manager Ocial emphasizes the importance of this partnership especially in streamlining the process of securing financial assistance whenever they needed it.                 BARBCO first gained prominence in 2018 as the producer of Chocolate de Biao or "hugot chocolates" which featured sentimental lines, that became popular especially among the younger market. "Because of this long-standing relationship we have with LANDBANK, it was easier for us to process documents for the assistance we need," said General Manager Ocial. Today, BARBCO's portfolio includes the consolidation and processing of cacao beans into various chocolate products, including tablea, nibs, cacao butter, and powder. This access to credit and ease of doing business with LANDBANK has empowered BARBCO to expand their reach. What began with cacao bean consolidation solely within Davao City has now extended to Davao del Norte, Davao Occidental, and Davao del Sur. And the cooperative's success extends beyond financial gains. BARBCO serves as a conduit of support from LANDBANK to its farmer members, ensuring fair compensation for their produce. This commitment to uplifting local farmers has garnered attention even from international food corporations, who now supply cacao beans to BARBCO, drawn by the promise of equitable pricing. "As a cooperative, we are like a channel of the support of LANDBANK. So whatever we get from LANDBANK, we provide it to our farmer members by making sure that we give them the best price for their cacao beans," explained General Manager Ocial.  Even during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, BARBCO stood resilient, thanks in no small part to the partnership with LANDBANK. Through prudent management and unwavering support, they were able to sustain their workforce, ensuring that employees are properly compensated amid limited operations.  For General Manager Ocial, BARBCO's success is not measured solely in profits but in the fulfillment of a collective vision. As she reflects on their journey, she underscores the legacy that the co-op aims to leave behind—a legacy of empowerment, shared prosperity, and community upliftment. "It's a legacy na maiiwan, because I'm not really after my own gain and profit. As long as I can provide for my family, I’m fulfilled. As long as my members and workers are happy and satisfied, then so am I," she added.  As BARBCO continues to sow the seeds of success, their partnership with LANDBANK remains steadfast—a testament to the transformative power of collaboration in driving inclusive growth and prosperity in the rich agricultural landscape of Davao and beyond. ABOUT LANDBANK LANDBANK is the largest development financial institution in the country promoting financial inclusion, digital transformation and sustainable development to benefit Filipinos. It is committed to provide responsive and meaningful services beyond banking, while leveraging on innovative technology for safe, convenient, and accessible digital banking solutions. 


From national security to food security: Retired cop pursues farming thru LANDBANK

After 25 years in service, retired policeman Ritchie Tenegra ventured into poultry farming, and through LANDBANK’s support, now contributes to enhancing food security for the local community. LEON, Iloilo – From his sworn oath to ‘serve and protect’ the community for 25 years as a dedicated police officer, Ritchie Tenegra shifted his focus towards an equally meaningful purpose: food security. He has since embraced retirement by pursuing his other passion of poultry farming, and is now one of the reliable food suppliers in this town. At a young age, Ritchie saw the potential of animal farming through his parents who owned a piggery. He later followed their footsteps and established his own small piggery in his backyard in 2010 as an additional source of income to support his family. While still in the police force, he had limited capital to start his piggery operations. So Ritchie applied to be a beneficiary of the Swine Dispersal Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA), and was provided his very first piglet that he grew and multiplied. “Mahirap pagsabayin ang pagpupulis at pag-aalaga ng baboy, pero kailangan ng tiyaga dahil kulang talaga para sa pamilya ko ang sahod ko, lalo na’t may mga anak akong nag-aaral,” he said. (It's hard to be a police enforcer and raise pigs at the same time, but it takes patience because my salary is really not enough for my family, especially since I have children still in school.) Encouraged by a fellow cop to diversify his farm with a chicken coop, he delved into poultry farming in 2013, starting with a mere 20 heads. Upon retiring from the service in 2020, Ritchie dedicated himself to full-time farming, and applied for a loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) to expand his piggery. However, just a week after his loan was approved, the African Swine Flu outbreak hit the country, which devastated the local pig industry. Eager to push through with his new purpose, Ritchie shifted his focus towards expanding his chicken coop through LANDBANK's Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) Lending Program, where he secured a P1 million loan to fund the improvement of his poultry farm in 2022. "Malaking tulong talaga ang LANDBANK sa pagpapalago ng manukan ko. Saan ka makakita ng loan sa bangko na isang milyon, tapos P20,000 lang ang interes taon-taon? Kaya malaki talaga ang pasalamat ko sa LANDBANK," Ritchie said. (LANDBANK has really been a huge help in growing my chicken coop. Where can you find a bank loan of one million, then the interest is only P20,000 every year? So I am really grateful to LANDBANK.) From the 20 chickens in a 4-by-6-meter coop in his backyard, the loan supported the scaling up of his poultry operations to an increase in his flock size to 2,000 breeders, and the expansion of his coop to cover an area of 2,000 square meters. In less than a year since his expansion, Ritchie has become a reliable supplier for the DA’s Chicken Dispersal Project, wherein they give away hens to aspiring poultry farmers—just like Ritchie once was. He has also become an established supplier of poultry products for local eateries and restaurants. “Kung hindi dahil sa LANDBANK, hindi lalaki nang ganito itong manukan namin. Malaki talaga ang naitulong ng LANDBANK sa pamilya ko,” said Ritchie. (If it wasn't for LANDBANK, our chicken coop wouldn't grow like this. LANDBANK really helped my family a lot.) LANDBANK remains steadfast in its commitment to servicing the growth requirements of farmers like Ritchie nationwide. In partnership with the DA, LANDBANK provides necessary credit to farmers and fishers, plus their cooperatives and associations, as well as micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) through the ACEF Lending Program, which helps increase their production and enhance their competitiveness. As of January 2024, LANDBANK has released a total of P12.1 billion in loans under the ACEF program towards fostering sustainable and inclusive growth in the agriculture sector. ABOUT LANDBANK LANDBANK is the largest development financial institution in the country promoting financial inclusion, digital transformation and sustainable development to benefit Filipinos. It is committed to provide accessible and responsive financing to drive the agriculture sector’s productivity and competitiveness, while championing sustainable development in the countryside.


LANDBANK sees rise in online investors after RTB-30 sales surge

Demand among Filipino retail investors to utilize digital investment platforms is growing, as the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) sold significantly more online placements in the recently concluded Retail Treasury Bonds Tranche 30 (RTB-30) issuance of the National Government.  The Bank sold close to half a billion or P438 million worth of RTB-30 investments through its online channels, which is almost three fold of what it sold in the last RTB-29 offering in 2023.  LANDBANK’s online sales represent two-thirds of the total RTB-30 online sales worth P664 million. “The significant increase in online placements for RTB-30 reflects the growing confidence of retail investors in using our digital solutions. LANDBANK will remain committed to providing Filipinos with secure and convenient ways to participate in the financial market and contribute to nation-building,” said LANDBANK President and CEO Lynette V. Ortiz.  The RTB-30 digital placements worth P438 million were sold through the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App and the mobile banking app of the Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank)—the official digital bank of the Philippine government and a subsidiary of LANDBANK. The RTB-30 was also sold through the LANDBANK Link.BizPortal, a web-based payment channel, via the Online Ordering Facility of the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr).  The National Government raised a total of P585 billion for the RTB-30 issuance making it the largest domestic fund-raising issue to date. As Lead Issue Manager, LANDBANK sold and contributed almost 30% of total sales.  RTB-30 offers a very attractive investment return with a coupon rate of 6.25% per annum, with a minimum placement of P5,000. Interest payments will be paid quarterly within a five-year term. LANDBANK is one of the Joint Lead Issue Managers of RTB-30, designed to raise funds in support of the National Government’s sustainable and inclusive development agenda.  The proceeds of the issuance will be used for enhancing the country’s infrastructure, strengthening the agriculture and other essential sectors, and improving the healthcare system, among other national development priorities. ABOUT LANDBANK LANDBANK is the largest development financial institution in the country promoting financial inclusion, digital transformation and sustainable development to benefit Filipinos. It is committed to supporting the National Government’s fundraising initiatives to boost public resources for the country’s development plans and programs.