Human Resource Management

THE LANDBANK WORKFORCE Please see attached file for the following data:

(1) Total Headcount (Regular and Contractual)

(2) Total Number of Employees by Employment Contract (Permanent and Contractual); By Gender

(3) Total Number of Employees by Employment Contract (Permanent and Temporary); By Region; By Gender

(4) Total Number of Employees by Employment Contract (Permanent and Temporary); By Gender; By Age Group

(5) Total Number of New Hires; By Region; By Gender; By Age Group

(6) Total Number of Separated Employees; By Region; By Gender, By Age Group

(7) Turnover Rate for 2019 

LBP HR Data as of Dec. 31, 2019


Recruitment and Selection Process

The Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSP) process of LANDBANK for its personnel is based on merit and fitness to ensure competent and efficient performance of duties and assumption of responsibilities in the position they will be appointed to. The RSP system endeavors to provide talent requirements of the Bank through strategic headcount management, employer branding efforts, targeted sourcing activities as well as values and competency-based assessments.

The Bank maximizes the use of the following sourcing channels while continuously exploring latest recruitment trends and strategies applicable to its operations:

  1. LANDBANK Website Online Careers Page
  2. Various Online Job Portals (i.e., Jobstreet Free Government Page, DOLE Philjobnet, LinkedIn)
  3. CSC Publication of Vacant Positions
  4. DOLE Public Employment Service Office (PESO)
  5. LANDBANK Official Facebook Page
  6. Academe partnerships and university recruitment
  7. Institutional partnerships (i.e. PRC)
  8. Employee referrals

As a Government Financial Institution (GFI), LANDBANK complies with the Fit and Proper Rule of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) and other regulatory bodies on top of the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) Omnibus Rules on Human Resource Appointments and Other HR Actions (OHRAORA).

Further, the Bank adheres to the Equal Employment Opportunity Principle (EEOP) in all its human resource activities without regard to race, color, religion, political belief or affiliation, gender, ethnicity, age, height, weight, disability or any other form of prejudicial and arbitrary classifications.

Selection for senior officer positions in LANDBANK are carried out with careful consideration of the CSC- approved Qualification Standards as well as the provisions prescribed under the Manual of Operations for Banks (MORB). Candidates for such positions are endorsed for hiring or promotion by the LANDBANK President and CEO and/or the respective Head of the Sector where the vacancy is identified.

The position and item number they are being considered for shall be posted in the Bank’s bulletin and published by the CSC for at least 10 days.

The necessary pre-employment examination (i.e. Executive Profiling exam) will be administered to identified candidates. Once the exam yields favorable results, the candidate will undergo series of interviews with the Head of Personnel Administration Department (PAD), Head/s of hiring unit, and Head of Human Resource Management Group (HRMG). If the series of interviews is favourable, the hiring unit will submit a proposal to PAD in which position validation will take place. The candidate will then be provided with the list of LBP Pre-employment requirements that must be submitted for the processing of their proposal, including a set of medical tests which the candidate must undergo as part of the Bank’s process in assessing candidates in accordance to the “fit and proper rule” issued by the regulatory bodies. PAD shall also process the request for the conduct of the person’s Background and Credit Investigation (BI/CI) as well as the assessment of his/her training requirements vis-à-vis the LBP Qualification Standards (QS) of the position.

Upon completion of all the necessary requirements such as the BI and CI report, training certification and medical clearance, the proposal of the candidate will then be subject for deliberation and evaluation of the Selection Board II (SB II).

Once the SB II decides to favorably endorse the candidate, the proposal will be submitted by PAD to the Corporate Governance Committee (CG Com) and the LANDBANK Board for approval.  Approval from both authorities shall allow the candidate to assume duty on the first working day of the following month. In addition, for positions of Senior Vice President and up, MORB requires reporting to BSP, which PAD complies with within 20 banking days after the LANDBANK Board approved of the hiring.


Competency Framework Development Initiative

In 2019, the competency gaps of the remaining 303 employees were addressed. This completed the three-year cycle of implementing various Learning and Development (L&D) interventions for employees assessed by their supervisors in 2016 to have limited knowledge and developing skills.

Institutional programs are continuously implemented to promote the Bank’s core values of Innovation, Accountability, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Excellence and Social Responsibility.

The conduct of Take the L.E.A.D., the Bank’s program for Customer Focus, in the branches and lending centers was completed in 2019.  Through the collaboration of the lead and accredited trainers from these units, 188 batches were implemented with almost 5,000 frontliners/participants.

In support of the Integrated Management System, one of the Bank’s initiatives for the core value of Excellence, the ODD ensured the attendance of almost 50 Emergency Response Team Heads to an Emergency Preparedness Program.  Still on Excellence, 21 batches of Professional Image Enhancement Program were attended by 617 new hires and 279 branch personnel.

Employee Learning and Development

In line with its mission of “developing and nurturing talents who exemplify the highest standards of ethics and excellence, consistent with the best in the world”, LANDBANK continues to provide its employees with learning and development (L&D) programs.  It employs the 70-20-10 principle of L&D, where employees can source their learning through various modes – on-the-job (70%), informal (20%) and formal, both classroom and on-line (10%).

In November 2019, LANDBANK launched “GROWing NxtGen Leaders” as its Mentoring Program. Under the program, Senior Officers take on the role of mentors and contribute to the development of the Bank’s future by helping their mentees grow their technical knowledge and leadership skills. 

Institutional programs aimed at ensuring a readily available talent pool for succession are implemented continuously.  In 2019, 138 internal and external participants graduated from the two batches of Leadership Development Program, 1st batch of Lending Officers Development Program, 4th batch of Branch Officers Development Program and 7th batch of Management Training Program. 

Four Landbankers, two of each for the Middle Managers Class and Senior Executives Classes, are participating in the Public Management Development Program, a scholarship offered by the National Government through the Development Academy of the Philippines.

To complement the in-house MBA for supervisors, a similar program was approved by Management for non-supervisors.  The first (1st) batch commenced in July 2019 with 35 participants under the Bank’s continued partnership with the College of the Holy Spirit Manila.  Through these programs, the Bank aims to develop among them relevant competencies for career advancement through opportunities for higher education.

Chada in Cagayan de Oro, with 23 charter members, became the 6th LANDBANK Toastmasters Club. Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization committed to enhance leadership and communication skills of its members.

During the year, there were 67 employees who obtained Professional Certification in the various fields, while 13 are undergoing review or awaiting exam results.

The LANDBANK LEAP was optimized with the inclusion of seven modules, which registered a high access rate, making it an effective and efficient L&D tool.  These modules included Data Privacy, Financial Consumer Protection, Business Continuity Management and other functional courses.

A new Employee Onboarding Program was approved by Management for implementation in November 2019.  It clearly defined activities involved from assumption to duty of new hires to the end of their probationary period of employment.  Its L&D component was rationalized to manage the time and resources spent.


Remuneration Policy

LANDBANK’s basic salary rates are aligned with the National Government’s Salary Standardization Law.  The Bank pays salaries, allowances, benefits and incentives in accordance with the issuances from the National Government agencies (Office of the President of the Philippines Administrative/Executive Orders, Memorandum Circulars issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Civil Service Commission (CSC), and Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG). 

The Bank’s senior officers are entitled to monetary and non-monetary benefits, fringe benefits, incentives, recognition and rewards for met performance targets or goals.  The compensation package consists of basic salaries, standard allowances, benefits and incentives like Personnel Economic and Relief Allowance, Clothing Allowance, Mid-Year Bonus, Year End Bonus and Cash Gift.  Specific purpose allowances and benefits, i.e., Representation Allowance and Transportation Allowance (RATA), per diem, honoraria, etc., are also given to senior officers under specific conditions related to the actual performance of work at prescribed rates.

Awards and incentives are also granted to senior officers through the grant of the annual Performance Based Bonus (PBB), Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI), Collective Negotiation Agreement (CAN) Incentive, and Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) which are linked to organizational and individual performance.

LANDBANK’s Remuneration Policy includes indirect compensation which are regulated under existing laws like the Bank’s share to GSIS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, Provident Fund and various leave benefits authorized by the CSC.